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Colts Rookie Kemoko Turay Quickly Becoming a Must-Follow for Colts Fans

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The Colts rookie defensive end is showing off his work ethic as training camp approaches

Kansas v Rutgers Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Last year most of the Indianapolis Colts rookies were pretty quiet between OTAs/minicamp and their first NFL training camp. Most of what we saw from a social media perspective was from Chester Rogers cutting it up in preparation for a potentially big year for himself.

This year we’ve got a new social media darling in the making with rookie DE Kemoko Turay posting some of his workouts. Look, last year we saw Quincy Wilson quietly getting called out for being out of shape and unprepared for camp. Hooker was gently getting back into action after surgery kept him out of most of the offseason program.

There weren’t a lot to of visuals from the rookies coming into training camp.

As if Turay wasn’t interesting enough, I mean, the guy was so certain that he was getting drafted by the Colts, he wore a Colts shirt on draft day. In high school, his school didn’t even have a football team for two of those years, he’s battled injury, was the first in his family to graduate and broke into the hearts of draft fanatics everywhere during the pre-draft process. Some even had him in their top 5 among edge rushers heading in to the draft.

He’s clearly got a sense of humor. But, he’s also showing off an outstanding work ethic as training camp nears. Heck, he was posting his workouts just days before the draft and it appears that he’s continued to prepare himself for the season ever since.

Now, it hasn’t all been workouts. Some of the best stuff Turay has posted some of his all-22 tape of OTA/minicamp practices. That was beginning to make him a must follow, but it looks like that was frowned upon, and they’re no longer up.

In general, fans like to see what rookies, or up-and-coming players are up to when they aren’t under the tutelage of their coaching staff. As Turay is expected to be a rotational piece early on in his career, you like to see him working on the little things to get better.

In the next couple shots we see him working on his hand speed and placement. This is one of those things that troubled Tarell Basham for most of the season. He didn’t have a second move and had to rely on his ability to bull rush and that wasn’t very successful.

Here (below) you see him working on his peripheral vision along with his hand placement and speed. I am anxious to see more of his first step work from this space between offseason program and camp.

We saw some of that work pre-draft, but I want to see how much he’s gained in simple technique, power and hand placement after some work with coaches and his training staff. Here is what he looked like about a month previous to the draft.

We don’t see workouts every day from players, and this time of year is always interesting to see what methods their personal training staff sets into motion for them to work on. Here is a combination of testing vision, hand and footwork to match and work together.

You might think this looks more like an offensive lineman drill, but it’s all about getting the brain and body to work together in attempt to make it more natural — to make the three work together almost involuntarily.

Finally we see more work on explosion. Turay will be used primarily at defensive end this season, but we shouldn’t be surprised to see him moving around throughout the year just the same. In the Colts new scheme the defensive end will be the primary pass rushers, and one would presume that there is hope for Turay to be the future of the position for the Colts.

With Tarell Basham being more at home in the 4-man front, Jabaal Sheard is hoping to backup a very good 2017 season this year. However, Sheard’s time in Indy is limited and that’s by design. Chris Ballard is building this roster through the draft and Sheard isn’t a young buck anymore.

Basham and Turay should be the front-runners as the team’s defensive bookends, while a guy like Tyquan Lewis is more likely to be that rotational piece who can play inside or on the edge to assist the team in long term success at rushing the passer.

Go follow Kemoko Turay on Instagram and Twitter to stay up on what the Colts rookie is doing to better his game.