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Chester Rogers Traveling to Stanford, Luck’s Throwing Program Entering Final Phase?

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It has always been the plan.

Andrew Luck has patiently followed a disciplined throwing schedule since his suffered a setback in October of 2017. Physically, it is clear that he spent a considerable amount of time simply rebuilding strength. Last summer, Luck didn’t look like an NFL football player. This summer, he looks like the strongest quarterback in the league.

After he spent time working with his trainer overseas, he traveled to California to work with throwing strength and rehabilitation specialists who have worked with a number of elite athletes — including Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. This program was focused specifically on his throwing shoulder. How to throw the ball with more accuracy and velocity without putting as much strain on his shoulder. He also focused on strengthening his whole shoulder through a graduated program of using weighted balls, increasing in size until he was finally ready to throw a football.

When the Colts reached mandatory Minicamp, the world finally had the chance to see Luck throw a football. He started with a high school regulation football, just slightly smaller. He then graduated to a regulation NFL football and went into detail about his plans moving forward. He discussed a regimented throwing program, which will include a day off each week to emulate the regular season. He also discussed that he would continue ramping up the throwing portion of his program at some point prior to training camp so he could be ready to start camp without restrictions.

Yesterday, Colts receiver Chester Rogers may have let the cat out of the bag. He tweeted that he was on his way to Stanford, California.

One has to assume that he is meeting up with his quarterback. After all, Andrew Luck regularly works out at the Stanford practice facilities during the off-season. He can control that environment and get work done away from the prying eyes of Indianapolis media.

If we had to guess, Rogers will be meeting up with more than just Luck. It wouldn’t be surprising if others will be joining him to help him prepare as training camp approaches. Speaking of camp, we’re just over two weeks away from officially kicking things off. The next two weeks will play an important role in determining just how much the team’s franchise quarterback will be involved early on.