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Colts Rookie Darius Leonard Gives Back to Hometown During Downtime

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NCAA Football: Senior Bowl-South Practice Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

Indianapolis Colts second-round pick Darius Leonard did not participate in any of the phases of the team’s offseason program and remains the sole unsigned draft pick. However, he is putting in work in his hometown of Lakeview South Carolina.

Leonard unveiled his first annual ‘Maniac Day’ featuring fireworks, flag football and much more in order to give back to his community.

Leonard says that “I started playing football out here — just giving back to these young kids is a great honor because I know what it felt like when I was younger and needed a role model.”

You can see the video from this story here.

Leonard follows in the footsteps of many Colts before him by either holding community projects, or children’s football camps that have become staples of those communities for years now. In playing so close to home, Leonard’s annual outing should continue in that mold.

Leonard finishes by saying he’s “just happy to be a role model to the kids.”

Leonard is expected to be signed and ready for camp, but there may not be a player with more riding on grasping the Colts scheme and succeeding early and often in late July as camp gets underway. For now, we see what type of person Chris Ballard saw in Leonard — the off-the-field checks out — but we anxiously wait to see how much noise he can make on a young defense as a rookie.