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Colts Cast: Colts-Seahawks preseason week 1 reaction

How did the Indianapolis Colts fare in their first preseason game of the season?

Finally the Indianapolis Colts have officially kicked off the preseason last night in Seattle. And just as we will during the regular season, we’re going to go through what we saw on the field from the 2018 roster.

We talk early takeaways from Andrew Luck and how he looked in his first action in forever, how the offensive line protected him, how Luck looked getting his first hit of the season, the running game and more from the offense.

Additionally, many are already down on the Colts defense due to the first bit of a sample that we have from them. But, I’m here to tell you to calm down about it. Why it’s not that bad, how this defense was approaching the game, but also what could keep this defense from growing if it’s not any better come the regular season.

We saw some very good play out of some of these defenders. John Simon proved once again that he belongs, Jabaal Sheard was very solid, Najee Goode has more speed than I presumed and some of the young guys — such as Nate Hairston — played well too.

Some of the largest problems with the defense might just be that this preseason version of the scheme was very, very vanilla out of the gate. However, I think it might be time to consider the cornerbacks need to be significantly better at closing windows in those zones much more effectively.

Who were the best of the Colts’ backfield, which receivers showed up, who was possibly showing a little stage fright and who was completely uncharacteristic of what we have seen to this point in training camp. We also saw one rookie who looked right at home in his starting role, and could become a major asset to the defense.

I touch on all of my initial thoughts on the Colts 19-17 preseason win against the Seattle Seahawks.

For now, enjoy the offensive design and the calm approach of Frank Reich. Be optimistic about the defense’s energy and understand that refinement will come. Just hope that it comes sooner rather than later.

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