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Colts Cast: Who to watch in Colts-Ravens preseason Week 2 matchup

After a long break in between games, the Colts have some integral parts of their roster who need to be watched Monday night against the Ravens

It’s finally here. The Indianapolis Colts seem to have had a massive layoff between their first and second preseason game, but Monday night the Colts host the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts will then have their third and fourth preseason games within the next 11 days.

Today we touch on some of the latest news surrounding the team, including the joint practices with the Ravens, new injuries who will keep some players out as well as the news surrounding the iconic voice of the Colts and his decision to retire.

Matt takes a look at some of the more interesting players/positions to keep an eye on for the Colts-Ravens matchup. There are positions to look at mainly to see if they have improved after a week of practice and film review to work out some kinks, but there are also some to watch to see if anyone can step up and make the position itself better based solely on talent.

Injuries have been a real factor with the Colts as of late. A handful of rookies have been out lately, but will be back in action Monday night. Additionally, some positions of depth, mainly the offensive line, have become much thinner and are in need of a good outing.

We need to see who can contribute to the roster in other ways than being a first- or second-team player, but we also have some players who are on the cusp of being cut if they don’t begin to show that they belong. This may just be the most concerning fact surrounding the team.

Some who have been expected to improve from a year ago, or to improve the position after being brought in through free agency are not coming through. Real Colts football is on the horizon folks, and this preseason has been pretty interesting so far, so just enjoy it and hope for everyone to come out of this one healthy and better than they were last week.

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