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Colts Cast: Reviewing individual performances from Colts 23-17 Preseason Week 3 win; Roster talk

Andrew Luck is still back. Despite the national craziness over his second preseason outing, Luck proved to everyone that he simply didn’t have his best day. Saturday, he actually did have his best day in the preseason and led the Colts to a 23-17 victory over the 49ers.

Luck wasn’t the only one who stood out, though. At least one player at each position had some positive to discuss, but there were a few who made it quite clear that they aren’t where they need to be quite yet. A lot of rookies impressed Saturday including Darius Leonard, Skai Moore and Zaire Franklin.

On the other hand, the Colts learned that at least one right tackle has no business in the starting lineup, they may have lost another who was just getting back into action, and now the waiting game begins on how the Colts are going to find an answer at the position. The Colts defensive line needs to address some issues as well, that we’ll get into in this episode. Why were they allowing so much yardage on the ground and how are they going to minimize that going forward?

The running back position is one that needs desperately to show up going forward. Marlon Mack and Robert Turbin are out right now and there’s a lot that needs to be figured out. We talk about how Jordan Wilkins looked in his first bit of work in the preseason against the ones, and why Nyheim Hines is already regressing and needs to get his ball control issues out of his head.

We touch on some of the latest Colts news as well. A trade came about -- no not Khalil Mack unfortunately -- and we’ve gotten some updates on a few of the injuries that came out of the third preseason contest of the year. We look at the top performers, discuss how the 53-man and subsequent waiver claim period will likely look for the Colts and which positions they might target when it all comes down.

Maybe most importantly, this receiver group is going to be one to watch going forward. Ryan Grant still hasn’t shown us anything, but what exactly are the team’s options behind him? Who needs to step up and much, much more in this preseason Week 3 review of the Colts Cast.

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