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Colts Cast: Cut day looms; Colts strengths, weaknesses and culture | with Stephen Holder

One thing we continue to admit, regardless of how successful the 2018 Indianapolis Colts are, is that there are multiple areas of the roster that will bring excitement to the season. Today Stephen Holder joins me to examine some specific roster battles, and concerns that we may find with certain players.

The defensive end position continues to draw some real interest in regards to how real Ryan Delaire is and what he could bring to the position. The obvious questions surrounding Tarell Basham and his viability on the roster as well as how the rest of the position works out with a focus on who gets the snaps in different packages.

We dive into the right tackle debate as well. Is the Austin Howard expirement worth ending if he’s not the starter? Can Braden Smith become the starter at the position with consideration to his ups and downs, as well as a look at his ceiling at right tackle in spite of his being a natural guard?

Nyheim Hines has obviously been taken away from punt return duties, but what’s with his performances in the backfield? Is he a real option to carry the ball in the backfield? How much of his recent issues are in his head, and where can the Colts trust him going forward?

Something that continues to come up is the question about the Colts possibility of carrying 5 tight ends on the initial 53-man roster. We discuss that, and also how each of their roles could benefit the team as well as what might be the best combination from one of the team’s strongest positions.

What podcast is complete without talk of the team’s running back situation. Stephen suggests that while it’s not looking great with what they currently have available, early in the season it could look much different, and for the better. Marlon Mack will return early in the season, Robert Turbin as well after his suspension and the possible rise of Jordan Wilkins bring some real intrigue if things fall right.

Of course there was talk of surprise roster cuts, what positions are seen as strengths and conversely, weaknesses with as much of the roster as we can visualize right now. Another topic that continues to arise is the question of how Frank Reich and Chris Ballard are building the culture in Indianapolis. Stephen and I go in on some of what the two have been building from day 1.

All in all, it was a great conversation, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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