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Celebrate Andrew Luck’s 2018 return with a “Dearest Mother” t-shirt from BreakingT

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As we celebrate the return of Andrew Luck to the Colts starting lineup in 2018, Stampede Blue is offering a limited edition “Dearest Mother” t-shirt. We hope you will consider purchasing this t-shirt and wearing it proudly throughout the upcoming season.

If you are interested in purchasing this shirt and seeing other shirts we have partnered to create, please visit Stampede Blue’s BreakingT store front.

If you are interested in purchasing the “Dearest Mother” t-shirt and celebrating the return of “Capt.” Andrew Luck, please follow this link. Shirts are $25 and as always, a portion of the proceeds go to support the Stampede Blue team as we continue to expand and improve the content we provide at

Thank you for your support.

Hear from Capt. Andrew Luck himself: