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Colts Cast: Colts top concerns, surprises, and confirmations from training camp

The Indianapolis Colts are about to kick off their preseason schedule. Who have been surprises, what are the team’s top concerns, and who confirmed their status through training camp?

Before training camp I had some opinions on what I might see through practices as camp progressed. In the practices I’ve attended, I have come away with some confirmations of those expectations for some of the Indianapolis Colts, but there have also been some surprises and concerns arise as well.

This scheme is a completely different animal, at least defensively, and the offense has a new structure as well as playcaller with Frank Reich. Trying to look at the positions which have immediate roles for rookies and other young players, is interesting because we don’t have a lot to compare them to.

Some of these rookies have stepped up immediately, some are still in the thick of a process to getting into a rotation and others are largely camp bodies at this point. Even more importantly, how are the few legitimate veteran guys on this roster going to affect the rest of the team and its success or failure?

Which positions, players should we worry about when it comes to an all-inclusive look at the potential of the roster itself? Who has us excited, and where do we see real improvements on the horizon? We’ll likely have different opinions of most of these examples I lay out today, but that’s the beauty of the preseason performances following training camp.

Who’s learning? Who’s a ways behind the rest? And who can we count on to make an immediate impact on this team? Today I look at several positions and players as the official start to the Colts preseason awaits us.

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