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Colts Cast: Reacting to Colts 20-16 Week 3 loss to Eagles

Another big game from this young Colts defense wasn’t enough to outshine an especially disappointing outing from Andrew Luck and the Colts offense.

The Indianapolis Colts found themselves in a familiar position Sunday in Philadelphia. They, despite having an awful day offensively, were in a position to control their own destiny. Unfortunately, and as you already know, the Colts failed to take advantage of that, and several other opportunities throughout the game.

Between Andrew Luck and Frank Reich something has got to change with how this offense is performing. Luck threw the ball 40 times Sunday and until late in the final possession, was at a rate of less than 3 yards per attempt. That should be unacceptable by anyone’s standards and certainly by Luck and Reich’s. The running game is almost non-existent, the receivers aren’t getting open regularly enough -- especially not early in their routes -- and they are missing opportunities in the red zone.

The Colts missed a couple opportunities for touchdowns with drops, and bad throws, but the lack of aggression that Reich promised this fanbase has been noticeably missing. Yes, Reich will go-for-it more on fourth down than the previous Colts’ regime, but where’s the willingness to attack the opposing defense?

Now, it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, I don’t think it’s doom and gloom at all. We know what this offense behind Luck is capable of. But, the offense has been a true strength for this team, otherwise they’d be getting run out of the stadium every week so far. Darius Leonard is on pace to become an All-Pro linebacker in his rookie year, Margus Hunt is making everyone a witness right now, and the rest of the Colts defense is making enough plays to hold offenses out of the end zone with regularity.

The Colts need more sustained drives, a more aggressive, creative approach in order to take advantage of the litany of possible WINS left on their schedule. This loss was a true heart-breaker. But, the Colts dug their own grave when they had the ball, and should truly be 3-0 right now.

The defense sacked Carson Wentz 5 times, turned him over twice and forced 3 punts, a missed field goal attempt and 2 successful field goals outside of their 2 touchdown drives. Isn’t that enough to win with Andrew Luck under center? It certainly should be.

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