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Stampede Blue’s NFL Week 4 staff picks

The NFL’s Week 4 slate offers a very intriguing lineup that should create even more chaos with 7 divisional matchups with the hopes of the league’s scoring rate continuing to reach historic numbers.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

There is never a dull moment during the NFL season, and Week 3 was a great indicator of exactly that. The Patriots lost their second straight, the Saints and Falcons went toe to toe in an absolute shootout, the Colts took the Eagles to the wire and the Dolphins are somehow now 3-0 to start the season.

This week’s lineup looks to be another great group of games as well. We have 5 divisional games including the Monday night matchup with the seemingly unbeatable Chiefs traveling to the Broncos. We also get to see the Steelers and Ravens smash each other in a very intriguing AFC North matchup as the division appears to be one of the more competitive in the league.

Those upstart Dolphins will test their mettle as they travel to Foxboro to try to put a really nice cushion between them and the Patriots heading into Week 5, and it’d be nice for the Dolphins to soften them up as the Colts will be in attendance the following week for a Thursday night matchup. I guess we’ll see if the rivalry really is “back on.”

And of course, this week, the Colts (1-2) are hosting the Houston Texans (0-3) and are really hoping not to hand their AFC South rivals their first win of the season. The Colts could get to .500 and be set up with a favorable 5-game schedule previous to their bye week which could make the Colts a very real contender within the division.

The Bengals and Falcons should make for an interesting watch, the Browns and Raiders might actually draw a great rating with Baker Mayfield giving Cleveland their first win in forever, and their fanbase’s hope for several more.

Of the 15 games on this week’s NFL slate, we as a staff have fully agreed on 7 of them, which seems a bit odd considering some of the matchups, but we are well-divided on the rest of what the league has to offer us in Week 4.


Current Staff Tally

Matt Danely: 25-22 | Chris Shepherd: 25-22 | Chris Blystone: 24-23 | Stephen Reed: 26-21 | Brett Mock: 25-22 | Jared Malott: 20-27 | Elliot Denton: 24-23 | Andrew Aziz: 23-24 | Zach Hicks 3-13

Thursday 8:20 pm ET

Vikings @ Rams (8) | Contrarian: Matt Danely

Sunday 1:00 pm ET

Texans @ Colts

Bills @ Packers

Buccaneers @ Bears (5) | Contrarians: Chris Shepherd, Stephen Reed, Brett Mock, Danely

Dolphins @ Patriots (7) | Contrarians: Jared Malott, Chris Blystone

Lions (6) @ Cowboys | Contrarians: Andrew Aziz, Reed, Mock

Bengals @ Falcons (6) | Contrarians: Elliot Denton, Zach Hicks, Reed

Jets @ Jaguars

Eagles @ Titans

Sunday 4:05 pm ET

Browns (7) @ Raiders | Contrarians: Aziz, Mock

Seahawks (8) @ Cardinals | Contrarian: Mock

Sunday 4:25 pm ET

Saints @ Giants

49ers @ Chargers

Sunday 8:20 pm ET

Ravens (5) @ Steelers | Contrarians: Jared Malott, Aziz, Reed, Mock

Monday 8:15 pm ET

Chiefs @ Broncos

Who do you got this week?