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Colts Cast: Examining Colts 53-man roster and corresponding roster moves

Today we discuss the Colts construction of the 53-man roster as it currently stands, and the subsequent roster moves that have occurred.

Saturday the Indianapolis Colts set their initial 53-man roster. For the most part, they put together a group that most of us saw coming. There were some surprises, and those moves set the Colts fan base down a strange path. Fans and analysts alike didn’t agree with them, but Chris Ballard certainly has his process that he believes in and is sticking to it.

Two of those moves were the release of John Simon, and Ryan Delaire being waived after making the initial roster. One that is also of a bit strange for some is the trade that sent Darrell Daniels to the Seattle Seahawks in return for receiver Marcus Johnson. I look at all of these and try to make sense of it all.

We discuss the current 53-man group as a whole, looking at the initial roster and what the subsequent moves that have changed it since. The Colts’ lack of movement on the waiver wire, and how the roster is currently structured lends one to believe that more changes will be coming soon.

The Colts have also began setting up their practice squad. At the moment there are 5 players on it, but there are still two names out there who have been linked to the Colts practice squad, and we have a pretty good idea of two more that may be added which would bring the group to 9. Where the Colts add that tenth player is still yet to be decided.

It’s been a busy 48 hours for the Colts and their fans. There are more moves yet to come with the team being less than a full week from their first regular season game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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