Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Chiefs


-Kenny Moore needs to be signed to a contract befitting his talent and production.

-Pierre Desir needs to be re-signed before he reaches free agency

-good defensive adjustments in the 2nd half by Eberflus kept it relatively close

-While Kelce was devastating to the linebackers you were just waiting for the big play by Leonard, he delivered

-while not showing great speed for separation Inman made some key plays and should be kept


-the Chiefs concentrated on Smith and Glowinski and it worked

-even at 50% Hilton produced, game showed lack of playmakers

-refs allowed hands to Nelson's face over and over


-Rodney Harrison was right, Luck was trying to guide the ball

-3rd string Wilcox stood out like a sore thumb, once he was benched for Odom Colts played better but too late

-why no draws after Leonard forced fumble, awful play calling as strip sack was play of the game

-Vinaterri's miss at half was a crusher, he made some great kicks this year but needs competition

-you hate to say it but everyone saw the target to Fountain and the drop

-what happened to short passes to Hines (see Brady to White), do not get it

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