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Double-header Saturday: East-West Shrine and NFLPA Open Thread

The future is being televised.

East-West Shrine Game Photo by Joseph Garnett, Jr. /Getty Images

Since 1925, the East-West Shrine game, a charitable college football all-star game featuring players from both American and Canadian schools that benefits Shriners Hospital for Children, has been played following the college football season. Today’s game is at 3pm EST on NFL Network.

Since 2012, the NFLPA has hosted what they call The Collegiate Bowl, which again is a college all-star football game featuring draft eligible players predominantly from FCS/FBS schools. Today’s game is at 5pm on Fox Sports 1.

This will be your open thread for today’s games.

I think the Colts are looking at EDGE, DT, S, WR, CB, OG in that order or close to it in the upcoming draft and free agency. What do you think?

Throw out some players you see that you like and let’s talk about it!