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Colts Cast: Positional review heading into the offseason | Quarterbacks

Today we kick off our look at the Indianapolis Colts’ roster and how we could see some transition at some key positions. The Colts overachieved this year for the most part. Now, whether you want to consider that to be due to talent that overachieved itself, a combination of talent and coaching that assisted in getting that done, or it being due to fantastic drafting and getting production from the team’s rookie class, that’s up to you.

One way or another, it happened. And now the Colts will move forward attempting to build on an already impressive 2018 season by using their surplus of cap space and another draft class in constructing this roster.

Today, we’ll start with the quarterback position.

Although there’s very little need to look at how Andrew Luck fits into this sort of discussion, but Jacoby Brissett is another story altogether. He’s been a target of trade talks, will continue to be with teams who are in need of a starting caliber passer, and has been said to hold a ton of value for the Colts at this point.

Will the Colts bite on trade offers? Will they hold on to him and possibly even extend him as an insurance policy for Luck’s health? Or, will they find someone in free agency who could fill in in the event of them dealing him at the trade deadline next season?

We’ll discuss it all on today’s show.

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