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Colts re-sign K Adam Vinatieri

You may know him as GOAT

Indianapolis Colts v Tennessee Titans Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I’m just going to throw this out there. “Resign” means to voluntarily leave a position. If you say “Adam Vinatieri has resigned with the Colts”, you are saying he’s no longer with the Colts based on a decision he made. Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri, the Ageless Wonder that he is, has re-signed with the Colts on a 1-year deal. There’s your spelling lesson for the day. Moving along.

Let’s talk about the GOAT!

Adam, or “Vinny” is how I’ve lovingly referred to him, will return for his 24th NFL season after becoming the NFL’s all-time leading scorer in 2018. Speaking of which, the 2018 season wasn’t his sharpest, as he battled a groin injury and really didn’t look like himself a couple times this year. That said, there’s a reason they call him the GOAT. The Greatest of All Time. When you need him the most, he’s come through time and time again.

Sure, we can sit and talk about what the Colts are going to do after he leaves, but how lucky are we to not have to go through rookie kicker woes in 2019?

Per Colts, the re-signing was first publicly acknowledged by GM Chris Ballard on a local children’s radio show. Speaking of Chris Ballard, did you expect the Colts to do something different at kicker after seeing him wearing Vinny’s clothing brand in an interview? Come on, now. This was as done a deal as could possibly be done barring injury, right?

I have a good feeling about 2019. This is just the beginning.