Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Texans (Wildcard)


-incredible play by TY Hilton given his injury the entire game. 4th quarter catch on 3rd down was fantastic

-not sure I have even seen Hopkins played better than by Desir today. He may deserve a payday

-Cox is a blocking force for a tight end, seals the edge with great skill

-Kenny Moore never seemed out of position the entire game, really a smart player

-Inman had a touchdown on the pass interference play, what a find

-Andrew was very poised, Houston took away some slants 2nd half and he adapted

-Mack showed great vision and skill. Wilkins looks fresh and explosive

-really good jet sweep call to Pascal, Houston was really befuddled first 3 drives

-great job by Smith on Watt


-When Stewart and Ridgway were in Watson made some chunk running plays Autry looked gassed at times chasing Watson

-Some really clever defensive adjustments by Houston 2nd half had the Colts puzzled


-While Muhammed and Touray were hustling and making plays the pass rush was not consistent

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