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In latest projection, Colts receive fourth round compensatory pick in 2019 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

While the Indianapolis Colts will not finalize draft position until its run in the Playoffs ends, the latest compensatory pick projections eliminate what could have been a seventh round pick for Frank Gore. This leaves Indianapolis with nine total picks including one each in the first, third, fifth, sixth and seventh rounds and two each in the second and fourth rounds.

At this point, the Colts appear to have primary weaknesses at pass rush and wide receiver. Chris Ballard has made it a point to focus on winning games in the trenches and give the expectation that the 2019 NFL Draft will be filled with defensive line talent, it won’t be a surprise to see one or more of the early picks used to add talent in this area. The secondary and linebacker group could also both be improved, particularly in terms of depth and rotational talent.

Stay tuned for our growing list of prospects that could draw the attention of the Colts scouting department. Until then, please review the great work Zach Hicks has done throughout the season in identifying key prospects.

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