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Jared Bets the NFL Week 6

Picking Road Winners Today!

NFL: OCT 06 Bills at Titans Photo by Matthew Maxey/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I’ll start by saying that I apologize for not writing an entry for last week as promised. I did a bunch of research, had my bet in hand and didn’t place it in time, so I had to wing it and lost my bet. I refuse to present something to you that I didn’t put the appropriate effort into.

Moving along.

Today, the Colts have a BYE, so although they’re 4-0 ATS, we can’t capitalized on that today.

Something I’ve realized here is that the lines vary from site to site, so presenting you with my take on how to bet the lines isn’t a great way to say who I think will win.

Here are my notes. The numbers refer to scoring offense and defense. This is the Cliff Notes version that doesn’t consider injuries, place of play, recent results. Today we are just going to try to predict road winners (there are about 7 road winners a week).

If you’re looking for a couple tips on the CAR/TB game that starts in about a half hour, I’d take the over and Carolina is the overall better team.

Week 5 Notes

CAR 11th Off 11th Def vs TB 5th Off 29th Def

SEA 8th Off 18th Def at CLE 25th Off 21st Def

HOU 10th Off 12th Def at KC 4th Off 14th Def

WAS 30th Off 30th Def at MIA 32nd Off 32nd Def

PHI 7th Off 13th Def at MIN 16th Off 5th Def

NO 14th Off 17th Def at JAX 17th Off 19th Def

CIN 29th Off 27th Def at BAL 1st Off 22nd Def

SF 2nd Off 4th Def at LAR 6th Off 26th Def

ATL 20th Off 31st Def at ARI 21st Off 28th Def

TEN 23rd Off 6th Def at DEN 27th Off 10th Def

DAL 9th Off 7th Def at NYJ 31st Off 24th Def

PIT 22nd Off 15th Def at LAC 18th Off 9th Def

DET 12th Off 20th Def at GB 13th Off 8th Def

There is probably a better way to try to predict the outcomes of these games. I’d love to see another person’s methodology.

If you bet on the games, how do you do it? Is it a “feel” thing? Do you pore over injury reports and game data?

This isn’t meant to be gambling advice. I would strongly advise you to not gamble unless you are willing to at least do the research. Don’t bet with your rent money. Remember, this is for fun and not in any way meant to encourage people to gamble. Spend your money wisely!