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Colts fan and Stampede Blue community weekly Q&A — Week 6 ANSWERS

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, Colts fans and Stampede Blue readers can submit their Colts questions to have a chance of them being answered in our weekly Q&A.

Missed out this week? Don’t worry, you can get involved next time by submitting a question when the Q&A post goes up in the comments section, in the Twitter replies or on the Facebook post comments.

Let’s jump straight into this week’s questions:

Sir Sci (Stampede Blue Comments): Are there any trades you think Ballard may make over the bye week, particularly for defensive or pass catching reinforcements?

Answer: There are plenty of rumors of possible players who are on the trade block at the moment. From the New York Jets defensive tackle Leonard Williams to Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Colts General Manager Chris Ballard has never made a trade in which he has sent a draft pick to another team in return for a player, and I don’t think he is about to change. Ballard likes his draft picks too much, as this is how he builds the team, to trade them away for players. I could see a player trade being a possibility if Ballard really wants to make a trade, but it's more likely that if Ballard wants to make a move, it will be a free agent signing over a trade.

Clydesdales (Stampede Blue Comments): Seems to be three camps among Colts fans:

1) Jacoby is now and will continue to be the Colts QB, because he’s gonna be THAT good!

2) I’m not impressed with what I have seen out him so far, with the qualifier “I hope he proves me wrong”

3) He’s just not it.

Which camp are you in?

Answer: It’s difficult to pigeon hole me into one camp, as you still have to think that, aside from 2017, Jacoby Brissett has only played 5 games. Brissett will never be an Andrew Luck-type talent but I think that goes without saying. What Brissett can be is an elite provider, by which I mean he can become elite at putting his skill position players in the best positions for them to be the ones to make the plays, instead of him having to manufacture them. Eliminating mistakes and maximizing opportunities and current skillset is exactly where Brissett can feed. Add in that he has one of the best offensive minds in the league at the moment, in Frank Reich, and I see a lot of room for success. Just think to how Reich helped turn Nick Foles from a backup quaterback to a Superbowl MVP. Do I think Brissett is the long term answer at quarterback? No, I don’t. Do I think the Colts can win games and be successful with Brissett at quarterback? Yes, I do.

Voting Machine (Stampede Blue Comments): Grade the 2019 draft class after 5 weeks. They seem better, with the trade with the Redskins looking to be a higher pick in the draft order.

Answer: Round 2 - CB Rock Ya-Sin. Grade: B+

Round 2 - DE Ben Banogu. Grade C-

Round 2 - WR Parris Campbell. Grade C

Round 3 - LB Bobby Okereke. Grade B-

Round 4 - SS Kahri Willis. Grade A-

Round 5 - CB Marvell Tell II. Grade INCOMPLETE

Round 5 - LB EJ Speed. Grade C-

Round 6 - DE Gerri Green. Grade INCOMPLETE

Round 7 - OT Jackson Barton. Grade INCOMPLETE

Round 7 - OL Javon Patterson. Grade INCOMPLETE

Overall the 2019 draft class was more about creating depth at positions and competition on the whole roster. Looking back this class has done exactly that, Ya-Sin, Campbell, Okereke and Speed immediately created depth and competition at their positions. Khari Willis looks to be the find of the draft. When you figure in value, draft position and productivity, Willis is a hit. There are some incomplete grades in this class, as they simply haven’t played enough to earn a proper grade.

The Colts traded down with Washington and gained a second-round pick in the 2020 draft. If the season were to end today, the Colts would be getting the 35th overall pick in the draft. Looks like even more good business from Chris Ballard.

2019 Colts Draft Class Grade: B-

Dann Austin (Stampede Blue Comments): Do you think Luck got together with any teammates for some pitch-and-catch while he was at the facility? We know he was hanging out with Brissett – there are photos of them together. Is he just visiting friends or is he possibly helping Brissett develop? I’d like to think Andrew was watching games and was giving Brissett pointers on the things he noticed.

Answer: Andrew Luck’s visit last week to the Colts facility was just that, a visit to see his old teamates and coaches. He is in regular contact with Brissett so it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s helping with anything he may be struggling with. I think it’s good that Luck is offering his help but i wouldn't read too much into it

KMG4577 (Stampede Blue Comments): AJ Green would be worth trading for. AJ Green is a really good guy. He makes Andy Dalton look good. Colts need to trade for him.

Answer: AJ Green is a very good receiver in the NFL, most would probably consider him a top 10 receiver in the league. With his talent level the compensation the Cincinnati Bengals will be asking for will likely be no lower than a 3rd round pick. Add that to the fact Green will be a free agent at the end of the year, also he is 31 and will want a decent sized contract. Don’t forget Ballard “likes them picks”. Yes, Green would no doubt help the Colts team, but no, the Colts won’t be trading for him.

Ben Henson (Facebook): Do you think Eberflus uses more man coverage going forward based on the success against KC? Would going to more man coverage have the potential to improve our run defense?

Answer: With the success of the man-heavy defense, I think Eberflus will use more man coverage going forward, but at the same time don’t expect as much man coverage as the team used in the Chiefs game. The man-heavy defense was a match up defense that Eberflus and company put together to counteract the Chiefs high-powered offense. This is a really good sign, as it shows that the coaches are not afraid to do whatever it takes to put the team in position to win. Smart coaches do this on regularly, just ask Bill Belichick.

Coverage type doesn’t really have much effect on run defense, as the defensive line is the first line of defense against the run and they aren’t included in coverage types. Run defense is more about players executing gap management and being in position to make plays. Last year, the Colts didn't allow a single 100 yard rusher until the loss to the Chiefs in the playoffs, and the defense played zone heavy all year. More man coverage will have little to no effect on the run defense.