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Colts Cast: Colts close out ugly win against Broncos in Week 8, move to 5-2

The Indianapolis Colts came into their Week 8 matchup with the Denver Broncos as one of the hotter teams in the NFL. Big wins over the Chiefs and Texans forced the national audience to take notice and see what the team could do next as they find themselves on top of the AFC South, and looking to make a run at the playoffs.

Well, the Colts did pull out a 15-13 win at home, but they didn’t look very convincing through the process to say the least. The Colts started out with their inactive list by having Quincy Wilson and Deon Cain off the field, which does nothing but add to questions of how the team feels about the two of them. Is Wilson in line to be moved? Maybe even Cain? Or was Sunday just a day to see what the team has in other receivers and options in the Colts’ secondary?

There were a host of issues with the team Sunday. The offensive line was dominated like we haven’t seen in at least two seasons. The receivers weren’t getting open consistently when Jacoby Brissett did have time to throw. The running game was okay, but the Colts had only 87 total yards before their final drive of the first half.

Defensively, the team was decent, and was able to hold the Broncos to field goals or forced them to punt on multiple drives which ultimately saved the offense’s tail in this one. Additionally, Adam Vinatieri reverted back to missing field goals and extra points in this one which nearly cost the Colts another game.

I think it’s fair to say that Frank Reich didn’t have a great game behind the headset either, and though we often shower him with praise, Reich earned some tomatoes Sunday afternoon.

In the end, a near safety turned into a 35-yard reception, which led to a Vinatieri field goal to win the game in spite of all that was wrong for 59 minutes of this game.

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