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Key Match-ups Revisited: Colts Vs. Broncos Week 8

Three wins in a row now for this Colts team. This one sure was ugly, but a win is a win.

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Colts linebackers Vs. Broncos short passing game

After Emmanuel Sanders’ trade, 3 of the top 4 Broncos receivers are either tight ends or running backs, so it was key for the Colts to shut down the Broncos short passing attack, and the linebackers delivered. Even though Lindsay, Freeman and Fant collectively totaled 11 catches, they only managed to gain 48 yards. This was mainly due to Leonard and Walker’s excellent tackling and instincts. The duo finished the game with a combined 17 tackles, and were all over the field on Sunday. It is clear that Walker has benefited a lot from returning to his usual spot on the field after The Maniac came back from his concussion.

Colts RBs and TEs Vs. Broncos linebackers

On the other hand, the Colts running backs and tight ends had a good game against the Broncos linebackers. Ebron, Doyle and Hines combined for 10 of the Colts 15 receptions and had 121 yards. On a day where the Colts receivers could not get any separation, the tight ends winning their individual battles and Hines providing a spark was key.

Mark Glowinski Vs. Von Miller and Derek Wolfe

Just a week after getting destroyed by J.J Watt, Glowinski had to face yet another elite pass-rusher in Von Miller as well as Derek Wolfe, depending on the play the Broncos defense ran. Glowinski had perhaps one of his worst games in a Colts uniform, and could not handle any of the Broncos stunts on the defensive line. For example, if you look at Jacoby’s crucial play late in the 4th, Von Miller gets a free rush at the quarterback because Glowinski failed to recognize the stunt and react to it.

Rock Ya-Sin Vs. Courtland Sutton

What an ugly game for the Colts’ rookie cornerback. Let’s just hope this was his “Welcome to the NFL” moment and not the norm, going forward. Sutton had Ya-Sin’s number all day long, racking up 3 catches for 72 yards, but also getting 5 penalties called on Rock, all resulting on first downs. After the Broncos’ only touchdown drive of the game, Eberflus finally started sending some help Rock’s way, and also calling some zone coverages, which helped Ya-Sin a lot, but it was already clear that Sutton dominated Ya-Sin.