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2019 NFL Week 5: Colts vs Chiefs Second Half Open Thread — Colts lead 13 - 10

Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts have exceeded expectations in the first half. If you had told me coming into the game that Jacoby Brissett would throw an interception deep in Chiefs territory in the first half and the Colts would still enter half time with a lead, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Frank Reich has called an excellent game to this point, showing balance between pass and run. While Brissett made a big mistake on the first half interception, it is somewhat encouraging to see him try to make an aggressive play downfield. The only way he will be the long-term solution in Indianapolis at quarterback is if he becomes comfortable being more aggressive.

Granted, aggressive good is better than aggressive bad.

The Colts defense has been absolutely tremendous to this point in the game. The zone coverage has held, has made it difficult to generate big plays consistently, and the pass rush has been more aggressive than we’ve seen it all season. It is stunning to be reeling from so many injuries and see the defense step up against the most dangerous offense in the NFL.

It is worth noting that Adam Vinatieri has looked very strong in all of his kicks tonight. This looks like the Vinatieri of old and nothing like the mess we’ve seen since the playoff game early in the year.

A shout out to George Odum for forcing a turnover on a nice forced fumble on what was otherwise a big play for LeSean McCoy.

I want to make this complaint now because I don’t want the outcome of the game to somehow call into question the reason for my observation. NFL officiating is often horrible.

It is beyond absurd to call T.Y. Hilton for a block in the back three yards into the end zone, away from the play, and yet ignore two blatant blocks in the back used to slow down Colts pass rushers while Mahomes was trying to escape and make a play.

One of those plays is the long touchdown pass to Ruffles.

Also, there have been blatant offensive holds not called and tons of ridiculously inconsistent calls made in the secondary or against receivers. In short, the officials are like flipping a coin. Never know what they’ll do nor the impact they will have on a game.