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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 5 @Chiefs

After a surprising win against the formerly undefeated Kansas City Chiefs, the Colts are now 3-2 heading into the bye week. This win required a masterful job by Reich, and he delivered.

Indianapolis Colts vs Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Best Decisions

#1: Running the damn ball

The Colts had an astounding 45 rushing attempts for 180 yards and 1 score last night. Reich knew that in order for the Colts to have a shot at winning, the Colts running game had to carry the team and keep the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands. The Colts did just that, leading in time of possession 37:15 for the Colts to 22:45 for the Chiefs. This huge difference in possession time meant the Colts defense was not gassed at the end of the game. The difference was key in the second half, where the Colts offense did not have a single 3 and out and allowed the defense to be fresh to face Mahomes.

#2: Successful blitzes once again

The Colts pass-rush last season came mostly from Eberflus’ unorthodox blitzes, where he sometimes would use Kenny Moore as a pass-rusher from the outside, or Darius Leonard on delayed blitzes. This season, Eberflus’ blitzes seemed not to generate any kind of pressure on opposing quarterbacks, but yesterday that narrative changed. There was one play where Kenny Moore took advantage of his small stature and got below the opposing tackle to get the sack.

#3: Playing Quincy Wilson at safety

I certainly did not think this would as well as it did. I expected a career game from Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, as the Colts were without their two starting safeties and also their All-Pro linebacker. Quincy Wilson was tasked with covering Travis Kelce, and he did an amazing job, holding the elite tight end to just 4 receptions on 10 targets. Big night from Wilson who had struggled mightily to start the season.

Worst Decisions

#1: That pitch in the Chiefs’ red-zone to Wilkins

Facing a 2nd and 2 in the Chiefs 5 yard line, Reich called a delayed pitch to Wilkins that resulted in an 8 yard loss, and the Colts having to settle for 3 after failing to convert the third and long. With the success the inside of the line was having against the Chiefs front 7, and with Chris Jones banged up, why not just pound it inside? The reasonable call would have been to just go for the inside run and get the first and goal; however, Reich outsmarted himself and that play probably cost the Colts 4 points.

#2: Wilkins’ involvement in the running game

This is not talking about just yesterday’s game, but the season in general. With the way Wilkins has been running the ball, and the questions about Mack’s durability, why not give the Ole Miss product more carries? As of today, he has just 19 attempts but he made the most of them, rushing for 125 yards. Even if you take away his 55 yard run against the Titans he is still averaging almost 4 yards per carry. Wilkins has definitely earned more carries moving forward.