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Colts Stock Report Week 5

Indianapolis Colts v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts went into Sunday’s game on the back of a humbling loss against the Raiders. However, the Colts used the loss to the Raiders as motivation as they were able to grind out a tough road win against the previously undefeated Chiefs. There were plenty of strong showings during the 19-13 win, and a few poor ones, as well.

Here’s the stock report for week 5:

Stock Up: Marlon Mack

Marlon Mack is a stud. He was the standout player on Sunday night. He ran and ran over the Chiefs, bullying his way to 132 yards rushing. The arrow is pointing firmly up for Mack and he has become the focal point of the Colts offense. Teams will have to game plan for him as he is becoming a dominant running back. He has the elite offensive line in front of him to thank, but the vision, acceleration and play strength he possesses were on full display on Sunday. He is on pace for 1,352 yards and 8 touchdowns if he continues at his current pace.

Stock Down: Jacoby Brissett

Jacoby Brissett’s stock goes down this week due to his passing game performance. He had plenty of opportunities to make big throws, but it felt like he was hesitant and ended up settling for check downs instead. Brissett needs to work harder on going through his progressions instead of rushing. He made a bad throw to Eric Ebron by staring him down and then not throwing over the safety. If he would of thrown to the back of the end zone for Ebron to run to it would of been a touchdown instead of an interception. All things considered, Brissett didn’t do anything to make the Colts lose this game but at the same time he could of done more to help the team get the win. Brissett needs to take the next step to a QB who regularly effects games consistently.

Stock Up: Offensive Line

One word for the Colts offensive line today? Dominant! The offensive line straight-up _bullied_ the Chiefs defensive line. They forced their will on the opposition from the first snap until the final whistle. After last weeks sub-par performance, the bounce back this week to elite level offensive line play was exactly what was needed and was one of the primary reasons the Colts won. The run game was ticking and Jacoby Brissett was clean nearly all of the game. There's not much more you can ask for from an offensive line.

Stock Down: Margus Hunt

This seems to be a big drop off more than a slowing decline for Hunt but he just isn’t the same guy as last year. Whether it's age, a nagging injury or some other reason, he just isn’t performing and it comes as no surprise to see him get replaced in the starting line up by Grover Stewart who had a very good showing, and even managed to notch himself a sack. Hunt only managed 15 snaps against the Chiefs, and if his play continues to decline he won’t be getting any more.

Stock Up: George Odum

George Odum, in his first start of the season, played extremely well. The Colts were without their two starting safeties, Malik Hooker and Clayton Geathers, due to injury. He was lined up next to rookie Khari Willis. Both played 100% of the defensive snaps and worked well as a tandem, limiting the Chiefs big plays. Odum even managed to force a turnover, which was crucial in turning the momentum in the Colts favour, when he punched the ball out of Lesean McCoy’s hands on a screen play.

Stock Down: Colts Wide Receivers

TY Hilton was active for the game but rarely had much effect on the game as he was double teamed often enough. This meant another wide receiver needed to step up and create consistent separation and haul in some catches. The Colts receivers (outside of TY Hilton) combined for 2 catches for 15 yards. The Colts leading receiver was running back Nyheim Hines who himself only managed 4 catches for 46 yards. The Colts receivers' biggest play was probably when Deon Cain drew a pass interference call in the first half. In a big game like Sunday, the offense needs players to step up. Unfortunately, the Colts wide receivers were nearly invisible.