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2019 NFL Week 10: Dolphins vs Colts Second Half Open Thread — Colts trail 10-0

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

The Colts offense is non-existent right now. The Dolphins are in a single-high safety, eight man in the box shell that is designed to make running the ball very difficult. They are single-covering Colts receivers and shading over the top by reading Brian Hoyer’s eyes.

Outside of the touchdown pass to Eric Ebron, ruled an interception, Hoyer hasn’t looked very good today at all. He is overthrowing his receivers, telegraphing his passes, and has done little to make life easier for his teammates.

Let me say that, no matter who is playing the game, whether it works in your favor or against you, the NFL has made an absolute mess of the catch rules. Ebron made a clean catch in the end zone, came down with both feet and went down. While he was rolling over his own neck, awkwardly, the defenders opportunistically stripped the ball from his hands, while he was on the ground.

Ridiculous. The NFL has enough reasons to be embarrassed by how officiating has altered the outcome of games, the last thing it needs is to create its own problems with poorly written and interpreted rules.

The Colts defense has done okay but will need to be stellar in the second half if the Colts hope to win. There is little reason to believe, outside of a miracle performance by a bottom of the roster receiver or a quarterback change, or both, that the offense is going to carry Indianapolis to victory.

Marlon Mack should be embarrassed by completely missing a blitz up the middle that pushed his team out of field goal range.

The only positive thing that comes to mind at this point is the play of Darius Leonard. He has not looked like the dominant player he was as a rookie for much of the season. He has been everywhere today and is making big plays to keep the Colts in the game.