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Reich’s Best/Worst Decisions: Week 10 Vs. Dolphins

Yet another loss for the Colts, and this one has to be the most embarrassing one in the Frank Reich era. He made his fair share of mistakes, but ultimately it was the players that failed.

Miami Dolphins v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

Best Decisions

#1: Not getting desperate, sticking with Hoyer

The Colts were down 10-0 at the half against a 1-7 team. That may seem like the time to hit the panic button, but Reich stayed true to the game plan and the Colts looked cool and collected to start the second half. As a result, they would erase the 10-point deficit, but costly turnovers and clutch field goal kicking by the Dolphins resulted in a loss. There were many fans (including my hot-headed self) that were asking for Hoyer to be benched for Kelly. Don't get me wrong, Hoyer was absolutely terrible, but Kelly had not practiced at all with the first team and was just called up to the active roster on Saturday. Benching Hoyer would have been a desperate move, and it probably would not have worked. Sticking with Hoyer was the right call.

#2: Establishing running game early second half

After not moving the ball at all in the first half, Reich decided to pound the rock after halftime, a good call, even though that should have been the game plan all game long. The Colts were facing perhaps the worst run defense in the NFL, and were without their starting quarterback, so why not stick to your strengths. It was too late, but at least he did it.

Worst Decisions

#1: Redzone sequence in final drive

What on earth was that, Frank Reich?!? That has to be without a doubt the worst play calling I have seen from Reich in a Colts uniform. On the final drive of the game, the Colts managed to get to the Dolphins’ 16 yard line with just under a minute remaining and all 3 timeouts left. Instead of taking advantage of the timeouts, and taking into account the fact that the running game was working throughout the second half and that Hoyer was playing horribly, Reich called 4 consecutive passing plays which resulted in a turnover on downs. I mean, if your starting quarterback and top 3 receivers are out with injuries, why are you trusting your depleted passing game to win you the game. As a famous cap says, Run the Damn Ball.

#2: Sticking with Vinatieri for so long

Vinatieri should be gone by now, and he should have been gone after the Pittsburgh game. He simply has not been getting it done. As much as this hurts to say, he has been among the worst kickers in the NFL this year, and his kicks have cost the Colts 3 wins. Before you say that there are no better options to choose from in free-agency, Younghoe Koo just made all 6 of his kicks for the Falcons, Folk was perfect for the Pats last week, heck even Cody Parkey was solid for the Titans in two games. Even preseason kicker Cole Hedlund could be better than Vinny at this point. 70% on PATs is not nearly good enough for a team with playoff aspirations.