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Frank Reich: Adam Vinatieri is our kicker

The Indianapolis Colts are sticking with their veteran place kicker.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that Indianapolis Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri has struggled this year. The 24-year veteran is having the worst season of his career, and unfortunately hasn’t shown any signs of getting better.

Amid these struggles, the organization brought in four kickers to work out and compete for Vinatieri’s job on Tuesday.

That said, as of Wednesday afternoon the Colts feel that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, and are sticking with the legendary kicker:

“Adam is our kicker. Chris and I have talked about the situation... Obviously there have been other kickers in here... (But) When you take a look, we believe Adam is the answer.” Head Coach Frank Reich said.

The team’s stance on the situation has some fans angry, as they feel that Vinatieri is to blame for some of the losses the Colts have endured this season.

This argument does have some merit. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean there are better options on the open market.

Vinatieri has been consistent throughout his career - and it appears the team feels it’s more likely that Vinatieri can find his stride than that unproven kicker could sign with the team and perform at a consistent level.

All that being said, this is the second time this season that the Colts have worked out kickers. While publicly the team has Vinatieri’s back, it’s possible that behind closed doors his time is running out.