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Colts vs. Jaguars Week 11 Highlights

NFL: NOV 17 Jaguars at Colts Photo by Zach Bolinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images


Coming into this game both the Colts and the Jaguars were welcoming back their starting quarterbacks. While Brissett missed the last game and a half, this was Foles first game since week one. The Colts were without T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell, and still found themselves as three point favorites heading into this one.

As it turned out Foles was rusty, Brissett is a massive improvement over Brian Hoyer, even if the Colts didn’t need to throw the ball to win this game. Adam Vinatieri’s struggles are well documented but after going five for five on kicks this week he will be somewhat off of the media’s radar, heading into the week 12 Thursday night game.

All in all this was a good Colts win. I didn’t expect Foles to play as poorly as he did today, I saw a lot of people saying he looked good in his return, frankly, I’m not sure what game they were watching. He’s lucky he didn’t throw four interceptions and he was inaccurate for much of the day. Gardner Minshew II would have given the Jaguars a better chance to win in this one.

First Quarter

Malik Hooker sighting

On the Jaguars first drive of the game, thanks in part to a first down holding call, the Colts forced a 3rd and long and nearly forced a turnover. Nick Foles hasn’t played for ten weeks but even if he had, I’m not sure he expected Hooker to make a play quite like this. Good stop for the Colts defense.

Then the Colts answer with this

After a really nice punt pinned the offense deep and a nice Marlon Mack run, the Colts gave up this sack on 3rd and 3. Braden Smith was beaten inside by Jags rookie pass rusher Josh Allen.

I don’t follow any open threads during the game but I assume everyone deserved to be cut after this play

DJ Chark is a very good receiver. When you have someone who is 6’3” with legit 4.3 speed, sometimes this is going to happen.

Same play different look

The Colts were aggressive all day. Here we see a good receiver beat man coverage and a safety in Malik Hooker who underestimated his opponents speed. This was the only meaningful Jags score on the day.

Jags defense isn’t what it used to be

It is impossible to keep a team together forever in the NFL, every team has its run. This Jags defense has seen better days and we should see an overhaul soon.

When something is working, you keep doing it until it doesn’t

If it works, don’t do anything different.

Working against zone coverage

Zach Pascal only caught two passes on the day, Brissett only completed 15 passes on the day. It’s nice to know it’s there if you need it, but I’m glad the Colts didn’t need to throw very often.

Marlon Mack thought he was in a video game

Marlon Mack had a great game and this touchdown run is just silly.

Second Quarter

I’m not saying Marvell Tell is Richard Sherman

But they were both drafted in the 5th round. It’s starting to look like Chris Ballard’s staff found a gem of a safety who converted to cornerback.

Kenny Moore had a fantastic game

Had Moore not gotten home, Darius Leonard probably would have. Matt Eberflus tested Nick Foles early and often with the blitz and it was effective all day long.

If he would have finished the game, he might have reached 200 yards on the day

Mack looked good. The Colts offensive line looked good. The other Colts running backs looked good. It was a great day for the Colts in all phases of the game.

Eric Ebron with a great catch on the sideline

Ebron had 4 catches on 4 targets for 27 yards. A solid day overall.

Johnathan Williams has been waiting for his chance

Today Williams took full advantage of the chances he had today.

Kenny Moore can do it all

He blitzes, he deflects, he covers, he tackles, he just resigned with the Colts but the next time his contract comes due, he will be a very wealthy man. Kenny Moore is on a very team friendly deal and once again, Chris Ballard found another guy perfect for the team’s system.

It’s been up and down for Rock Ya-Sin

Ya-Sin was able to go up and take the ball away from the receiver, he bobbled it but was able to gain control and bring in the pick. Malik Hooker did his part to jump on the second receiver so that he couldn’t get the ball loose from Ya-Sin. Ya-Sin would later leave the game with an ankle injury which is concerning given the Colts short week and the lack of depth at the position.

Third Quarter

Williams had 147 yards from scrimmage

This 31 yard screen was the play that led to the Colts opening a two score lead and never looking back. I really like Jordan Wilkins but Williams looked more explosive today than Wilkins ever has. I don’t know how we don’t see more Williams moving forward.

Hopefully the hand injury isn’t serious

Marlon Mack is a good back with good vision and elite short area quickness. Here he gets the edge, makes a man miss and adds to his rushing total for the day.

This play was overturned

But they celebrated like it counted and that’s all that matters

That’s all that mattered because this happened on the 4th and goal attempt

Jacoby Brissett isn’t a “special” quarterback in the way Andrew Luck was special. He isn’t a guy that’s going to be able to put a team on his back for 10+ games a season. He’s going to need talented guys around him and despite what Colts fans might think, that’s not what “quarterback purgatory” is. Brissett is good enough to win with a team, if the Colts had a good team and still couldn’t win with Brissett, that’s quarterback purgatory.

Who knew Malik Hooker could hit

Malik is probably going to have this one on his highlight tape at the end of his career. A really solid hit that separated the man from the ball.

Kenny Moore again

I’m not going to be buying a 23 jersey any time soon, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see kids wearing them soon.

Mack was out at this point

Chester Rogers is on the roster after Deon Cain is on another team (weird who could have seen that coming /s) and while he isn’t the first guy I would call on to run the ball, he did a good job taking what was there on this play and followed Jack Doyle for an 18 yard gain.

I think this is an RPO

I’m not 100% sure but the line was run blocking, you can actually see Ryan Kelly take a couple side steps back toward the line of scrimmage when he sees Brissett with the ball and a chance to pass. He’s trying to avoid being called for having an illegal receiver down field. Instead Brissett kept it and made this a three score game.

Fourth Quarter

I don’t like dropping defensive ends into coverage

But it worked here. So you know, good job.

Yes the line did well

But Williams did a good job anticipating his blocks and accelerating through the hole once it opens. His lateral agility and contact balance look good as well. The Colts are deep at the running back position and that’s never a bad thing.

Nyhiem Hines got in on the action

Hines did his best Marlon Mack impersonation with a spin of his own and after this score the rest of the game was just a formality.

Justin Houston was only in the game to get his sack

Houston took himself out of the game after this one. Jags left tackle Cam Robinson came up limping before Houston took his lunch. 8 sacks on the season and it seems like Justin Houston was a good free agent signing.

The first one of these I’ve seen in the NFL

Bobby Okereke with the pick-2! I don’t remember seeing one of these in an NFL game before this, maybe I have and I forgot about it, either way this is a really cool way to end the game for the Colts defense.

Victory formation

Brian Hoyer didn’t fumble the snap so it was a success.

Final Thoughts

I don’t feel any differently following this game than I did following the Dolphins game. The Colts are the same team they’ve been and they’re struggling through a rash of midseason injuries. I am surprised by the final score as I didn’t expect Nick Foles to play the way he did. With that said this was a good win and hopefully we will get T.Y. Hilton back to take on a team that he historically kills in the Texans and the past few games are just a rough patch that no one thinks about at the end of the season.

We’re just a few days away from the Colts next game, we’ll get to enjoy this win much longer than the team will. So have fun Colts fans and get ready for primetime.

As an aside to the great game today, this is maddening: