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Colts Stock Up/Stock Down Week 11

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts went into Sunday’s game on the back of a shameful loss, having been beaten by the Miami Dolphins. The Colts came up against a team this week in the Jacksonville Jaguars who has just gotten their franchise quarterback Nick Foles back from injured reserve. There were plenty of strong showings during the 33-13 win, and a few poor ones, as well.

Here’s the stock report for week 11:

Stock Up:

Marlon Mack ran all over the Jaguars defense from the first run play to his last in which he had to exit due to injury. Mack has proved this year that he is a top class running back in the NFL. He is constantly making plays, whether it be grinding out hard yards or hitting the hole the offensive line gives him and turning it into a big run. Mack is the biggest piece on the Colts offense this year and its all runs through Mack.

Jonathan Williams came out of nowhere and showed that he certainly belongs. Jonathan Williams has been on the Colts practice squad last year and was inactive for most of this year. Williams was active against the Jaguars due to Jordan Wilkins injury and got more snaps due to Mack having to exit through injury and Willaims certainly took advantage of them rushing for 116 yards. Williams huge performance gives the Colts another piece at running back and will help to soften the injury blow of Mack.

Kenny Moore II put together an absolutely amazing performance together on Sunday. He was all over the field, showing great play coverage, pressuring the quarterback and racking up important tackles. Moore produced 8 total tackles, one tackle for a loss and a sack. But the stats don’t tell the full story as he was dominant all game proving that the Colts were right to sign him to the big extension in the offseason.

Stock Down:

Pass Protection was again poor, the pass protection the past few weeks has been very poor and it was exactly that again against the Jaguars. Brissett was constantly pressured and was also sacked several times too. The Colts offensive line started the season as they played last year being dominant upfront and allowing minimal amounts of pressure and sacks. However, recently the line has put together poor showings in recent weeks. In the last four weeks the line has allowed 14 sacks and has looked very shaky. The Colts must return to last years form quickly if they wish to continue to win and for the offense to play at a high level.