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Blake Pace’s NFL power rankings through Week 11

NFL: New England Patriots at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven up, 11 down. We’re just six weeks away from closing the book on the 2019 regular season, with an exciting playoff bracket on the horizon.

There wasn’t a ton of movement in this week’s update, and zero movement along my top five, but some teams in the teens have been steadily improving with a shot to make my top 10 in a week or two.

But enough with the chit chat, let’s dive into things.

32. The Cincinnati Bengals (0-10) / LW: 32

Worst team in football, pretty simple to dissect. Inexperienced head coach, bad offensive line and a total lack of star players. Not much else to say.

31. The Washington Redskins (1-9) / LW: 31

Anyone see the awkward interaction between Dwayne Haskins and his offensive linemen during the game? Looks like the men up front don’t have much faith in their developing quarterback.

30. The New York Giants (2-8) / LW: 29

No reason for Saquon Barkley to finish out the season if he’s not at 100 percent. Get a low draft pick and invest on the defensive side this offseason.

29. The New York Jets (3-7) / LW: 30

Third win of the season but a future loss for the Jets, as they fall lower down the draft board with the victory over Washington. Oh, and don’t forget, Adam Gase will be back next week.

28. The Miami Dolphins (2-8) / LW: 28

The win streak ends in Miami, but they still have a couple more winnable games this year in the Jets and the Bengals. Love the foundation being built.

27. The Denver Broncos (3-7) / LW: 26

Had a talented team on the ropes in enemy territory, but I don’t think anyone was surprised to see them give up the game late. Drew Lock returns soon to prove that he can be the No. 1 guy in 2020.

26. The Los Angeles Chargers (4-7) / LW: 25

Bad team with a bundle of injuries and no true fan base. Phillip Rivers has looked rough his last few games. Wouldn’t be surprised if he hangs up his cleats this offseason or the Chargers spend their top pick on a quarterback.

25. The Chicago Bears (4-6) / LW: 24

All-time moment when Matt Nagy benched Mitch Trubisky before the final drive for a so-called “hip injury.” The former coach of the year is trying to save his own job at this point; separating himself from Trubisky is a good start.

24. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-7) / LW: 21

Jameis, Jameis, Jameis. Can’t wait to see a different quarterback take a swing at things next season, whether that’s an incoming rookie or a drifting free agent.

23. The Atlanta Falcons (3-7) / LW: 27

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Atlanta followed up its shocking win over New Orleans with a convincing victory at Carolina. Probably a little too late at this point, however.

22. The Jacksonville Jaguars (4-6) / LW: 20

Nick Foles is back and added an element to their passing game, but their defense was pushed around by the Colts and their offense failed to put points on the board.

21. The Pittsburgh Steelers (5-5) / LW: 18

Mason Rudolph is bad at football, helmet being bashed into his head or not. People were quick to jump on the Steelers bandwagon after wins over bad teams, but not this guy. I like teams that are able to score every now and then.

20. The Arizona Cardinals (3-7-1) / LW: 22

Kyler Murray is SHARP. Throwing darts and piss missiles all over the field, this time again against a tough San Fransisco defense. Holes just about everywhere else, but they’ve got their franchise guy.

19. The Cleveland Browns (4-6) / LW: 23

A favorable second-half schedule will have Cleveland trending upward through the rest of the year, but this is still a team with an inconsistent offense, a weak secondary and a head coach who looks lost in his debut season.

18. The Detroit Lions (3-6-1) / LW: 19

Injuries turned this into a lost season for Detroit. No one should expect this team to win games without Matthew Stafford and Kerryon Johnson, but you would think their defense would be a little bit better with Matt Patricia as its head honcho.

17. The Philadelphia Eagles (5-5) / LW: 16

This offense can’t move the ball up and down the field without a deep threat in the passing game. The Eagles will most likely finish at .500, just miss the playoffs and address its secondary and receiving options in the offseason.

16. The Tennessee Titans (5-5) / LW: 17

Don’t look now, but the Titans could have a winning record if they can take care of Jacksonville at home. This offense is far improved with Ryan Tannehill under center, and quarterback was really their one drastic hole before Mike Vrabel made the switch.

15. The Dallas Cowboys (6-4) / LW: 13

Best team in a bad division that’ll inevitably make the playoffs and lose in the first round, but Dak Prescott has been absolutely lighting it up this season. He’s far from a problem in Dallas and is carrying the load while the rush attack stagnates.

14. The Carolina Panthers (5-5) / LW: 9

Just like last week with the Saints, the Panthers lay an egg the week I finally choose to buy into what they’re selling. Kyle Allen, who I thought showed a lot of guts in that Green Bay game two weeks ago, looked horrid and never gave the Panthers a shot to stay within reach.

13. The Indianapolis Colts (6-4) / LW: 15

Big rebound win for the Colts with Jacoby Brissett back in the lineup, but losing Marlon Mack adds another key name to the laundry list of injuries in Indy. Big game coming up on a short week, taking on ...

12. The Houston Texans (6-4) / LW: 8

Pummeled by Baltimore on the road, but the Ravens have been dominating just about everyone the last month or so. This team wins games if they can keep Deshaun Watson upright, so expect them to make that priority No. 1 again this week with the divisional tiebreaker on the line.

11. The Oakland Raiders (6-4) / LW: 14

One of the hottest teams in football right now and their schedule is incredibly easy the rest of the way through. This team wanted no part in being the big story in 2020, as Jon Gruden and his men have burst onto the scene as of recent.

10. The Buffalo Bills (7-3) / LW: 12

Great showing by the Bills offense in a rebound effort against Miami, as they finally were able to utilize their deep passing threats. Their defense is stout and their offense doesn’t turn the ball over, and their light schedule should help them lock up the top wild card slot.

9. The Los Angeles Rams (6-4) / LW: 11

Wasn’t a pretty win over Chicago by any means, but this was a huge game for that offense in terms of establishing a rush attack in-between the tackles with Todd Gurley. Once they get their receiving weapons back, this offense has the potential to get humming again.

8. The Minnesota Vikings (8-3) / LW: 10

Other teams continue to disappoint and the Vikings keep winning, so I guess I have to continue to push them up my rankings. Extremely talented and deep roster, but I’m still holding on to the belief that Kirk Cousins is going to cough this one up eventually.

7. The Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) / LW: 6

The Chiefs will take the win in Mexico City, but it was yet another lame showing from their defense — one that intercepted Rivers four times and still was one score away from the game being tied. Not sure how to measure KC right now, but the Chiefs need to be cautious of the creeping Raiders.

6. The Seattle Seahawks (8-2)/ LW: 7

I don’t trust a team that keeps squeaking out narrow victory after narrow victory, but the Seahawks are 8-2 and Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind. You have to think their momentum slows at some point, though, right?

5. The New Orleans Saints (8-2) / LW: 5

Just a teaser but my top five stays the same. Really like New Orleans’ product, but thy just don’t have a ton of pop on offense and can really only work the short-to-intermediate routes in the passing game. Just don’t have enough faith they’d be able to keep pace with a San Fransisco or a Green Bay at this point.

4. The Baltimore Ravens (8-2) / LW: 4

Man, oh man. Lamar Jackson is a cheat code on the gridiron, sifting his way through defenses — through the air and on the ground — with no regrets. Their defense is playing at an extremely high level right now, I just worry about facing Bill Belichick in January after showing him your gameplan in November.

3. The San Francisco 49ers (9-1) / LW: 3

Great roster and an exciting head coach, but I worry about Jimmy Garoppolo being able to win games on his own. He did it against Arizona a couple weeks back, but, other than that, his wins have come from his defense and his rush attack. Not jumping ship, just a little hesitant.

2. The Green Bay Packers (9-2) / LW: 2

I get a prolific offense, stars on the defensive side, an offensive-minded head coach and Aaron freakin’ Rodgers at quarterback — what’s not to like? Big game on Sunday Night Football with a chance to validate this ranking with a victory over San Fransisco.

1. The New England Patriots (9-1) / LW: 1

Ol’ reliable keeps humming along, but man, this offense is poo-poo. Isaiah Wynn coming back up front will hopefully get this run game back on track and give Tom Brady some more time in the pocket, but this team will still win its games through a great defense and sound special teams unit.