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Stampede Radio: Biggest surprises at the midpoint; plus is Jacoby Brissett the long-term answer?

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In this episode of Stampede Radio, the guys are back and joined by Matt Danely to get you up to date on all the goings on of the Colts. They start off looking at the injuries to the team and spend time discussing what exactly will be the fate of Quincy Wilson as well as what’s the deal with Tyquan Lewis.

Then they dive into some Twitter questions including big surprises from this season so far, why Rock Ya-Sin has struggled, and how the potential switch to Brian Hoyer with Jacoby Brissett hurt might impact the game plan for Sunday.

They then each give their opinion on the question many Colts fans have been debating: Is Jacoby Brissett the quarterback of the future?

Finally, they look back using 20/20 hindsight and talk what move they’d have made in the offseason knowing what they know now.

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