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Colts fan and Stampede Blue community weekly Q&A — Week 10 ANSWERS

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Pittsburgh Steelers Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Every week, Colts fans and Stampede Blue readers can submit their Colts questions to have a chance of them being answered in our weekly Q&A.

Missed out this week? Don’t worry, you can get involved next time by submitting a question when the Q&A post goes up in the comments section, in the Twitter replies or on the Facebook post comments.

Let’s jump straight into this week’s questions:

JJT98 (Stampede Blue Comments): Can we breakdown the Colts running game to better understand how well they perform based on run type (zone, man/power, outside vs. inside, etc)? Also why is Jared Mallot not more drunk in the post-game video take?

Answer: The Colts currently run a diverse rushing scheme that can alternate between zone, power and gap schemes, which helps to disguise play-action, but also the Colts use some run-pass options as well. The Colts do approach each game differently, they can deploy power based schemes with lead blocks from guards and also interior double teams. When the Colts use their zone scheme they rely on their running backs to use their vision, which Marlon Mack has been exceptional at, to choose their hole as the line does multiple cross blocks up front.

In terms of run direction the Colts favor running to the left, especially off the left end, being the teams highest frequently attempted run. However, when it comes to the most productive running direction is to the right off the left end with 8.5 yards per rushing attempt.

I asked Jared Mallot your question and this was his reply, “This Ole willy vet gave up poison for flowers because I met my wife and liked her better!” Hope this answers your question!

IndyNasty (Stampede Blue Comments): How is Marvell Tell doing? Any chance we can get a film review?

Answer: Marvell Tell is playing exceptionally well considering it his his rookie year and he is having to switch positions from safety, which he played in college, to cornerback in the league. One of our writers Zach Hicks did a film review on Tell, enjoy!

NAColtsFan (Stampede Blue Comments): I am wondering if there is any appreciable difference in the O-line play with the coaching change, especially with pass protection . I think the previous coach was more traditional in having the line jump step back to have more time to set, where the new staff wants them to attack with a first step. It seems to me the latter would be great when it was Peyton who got the ball out fast but not sure it is great with current QB and also with all the wide techniques used by rushers. Seems like speed rushers are a big challenge for the line this year.

Answers: With the change in offensive line coaches there has certainly been a change in how the coaches have taught offensive line play. The old offensive line coach Dave DeGuglielmo was more of a motivator getting the best out of his players that way where the Colts current offensive line coach Chris Strausser, who was helped by Howard Mudd earlier in the year, are more technique focused. The biggest change in pass protection is as you mentioned that the current coaches want the offensive line not to be passive in pass set but to be the aggressor and attack the defensive line, whereas the previous coaches wanted the offensive line to be more traditional in pass protection in pass sets being more passive and dropping back. A good piece to see some of the differences on this is this piece on the Howard Mudd technique by our writer Zach Hick.

Dann Austin (Stampede Blue Comments): Is this Deon Cain’s last opportunity to show something against the Dolphins? Devin Funchess is returning in a week or two, the receiving core all have their roles but Cain. Can the Colts find a way to keep him rostered or is this his swan song?

Answer: Deon Cain is definitely under performing, but what we have to take in to consideration is this year is basically his rookie year. The Colts are trying to rely on the run game more on offense so it’s not just Deon Cain who isn’t getting any many targets and under performing, it seems that most of the teams receivers aren’t performing as well as last year. Cain does need to be careful that with the play of Pascal late and the potential return of Funchess that he either gets lost in the rotation and ends up being an inactive most weeks or potentially ends up getting cut.

[Editors note: he gone]

ColtsSupaBowlas (Stampede Blue Comments): When we cut Vanderjagt for missing the kick against Pittsburgh in the playoffs he was one of the most accurate kickers in history to that point. Why does Adam Vinatieri get so much leeway it makes the coaches look weak it’s not about loyalty at a certain point it’s about production and winning games. If Hoyer was more productive or Swag Kelly was more productive than Brissett with they stick by him as he was the one who kept losing games for us?

Answer: The reason Adam Vinatieri gets the “leeway” he does it becasue of a few factors. One he is he best kicker the NFL has seen, two he is able to make 50+ field goals and also because he can be so clutch. The Colts on face value seem to have all the confidence in Vinatieri even though he has been less than dependable and the team should definitely be looking at their options if Vinatieri continues to have be a liability.

Mr. Too Proud (Stampede Blue Comments): How different is our offense from the Eagles? And right now I believe we would play the Texans in the wildcard…. is this our best matchup for the 1st game? Possible matchups Raiders, Chiefs or Texans?

Answer: The Colts and Eagles offenses are not too far dissimilar as you can imagine with Frank Reich coming over from Philadelphia in which he was the offensive coordinator over there. Reich did have a big input on the offense in Philadelphia but the Colts offense also has parts from Reich’s time with the Cardinals under Ken Whisenhunt and the Chargers under Mike McCoy.

The Colts would currently play the Texans in the playoffs and out of the other options they could possibly face i think it would certainly be the best possible one for a wildcard match up. In terms of the best possible outcome for the playoffs the Colts should be aiming for the 2nd seed and a first round bye with home field advantage.