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Check out Hot Mic on Monday Night!

A New Way to Listen to Colts Commentary

Happy Saturday, everyone! I have a favor to ask of you. I’ve always wanted to be a sports commentator, and I finally have that opportunity! Hot Mic is now available in the Android and iTunes app store. If you would please download the app, enter my code “Jared317”, follow “Jared Malott” under the broadcaster tab, and tune in on Monday Night, I’d appreciate it. Hot Mic syncs my commentary with the live broadcast of the game. Instead of listening to whomever typically bores you to tears, let me be your eyes. Washing dishes and can’t see the TV? I got you.

I don’t have ads to read, either. If you’re a business owner and would like me to do that, please send me an e-mail. I’m sure we can work something out.

There’s no money involved. This is free to you. The most followed broadcasters on the app have less than a thousand followers. There’s more of us. Let’s show the rest of the sports community how Colts fans support their own.

Here’s the link to the app on Android:

Here’s the link for the app on iTunes:

Also, this ain’t my first rodeo and Colts games aren’t all I intend to commentate.

So far, I’ve commentated LSU/Alabama, Ohio State/Michigan, Jets/Ravens this past Thursday Night, and I’ll be live for Bears/Packers on Sunday. Additionally, this upcoming Wednesday, I’ll be commentating UNC/Gonzaga (Men’s College Basketball).

Hot Mic has asked me if I’ve got anyone that’d be willing to work with me. That said, if you’ve got a headset with a mic and the desire to watch/commentate a game, hit me up!