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Short Recap and Highlights from Week 15: Colts vs Saints

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

I can only speculate as to what it’s like in the Indianapolis Colts locker room right now but I have to imagine it’s not great. If the Colts are able to pull together and win either of their remaining two games it will be a very impressive feat for Frank Reich and his coaching staff.

Here’s some analysis before I get to the highlights:

  • Jacoby Brissett introduced “Bad Jacoby” to the rest of the NFL world. Colts fans had seen him many times throughout the season but tonight everyone got to witness it.
  • The Colts committed 7 penalties for 49 yards, given the Saints 6 drawn flags for 52 yards it was pretty even in this regard.
  • Neither team turned the ball over.
  • No kicks were missed.
  • Drew Brees broke Peyton Manning’s touchdown record, at least it wasn’t Brady, so that’s fine.
  • The Colts couldn’t get anything going on the ground all day.
  • Michael Thomas caught 12 passes for 128 yards and 1 touchdown. So that’s not a great look for the secondary but Thomas and Brees are a pretty special duo.
  • The Colts have missed the playoffs 4 out of the last 5 seasons and that really sucks.

Now on to the highlight:

This is the only highlight I have in me. Jordan Wilkins punched in this score to prevent the shutout. This is the best thing that happened all night for the Colts. I just don’t have the heart to breakdown all of the low-lights. The missed passes, the big plays given up and the records broken against our Colts. I just can’t do it.

If you want to see all of those clips, just click on my name in that Tweet I posted above, I would rather go to the dentist than relive this game in my mind right now, so let’s focus on the positive. Literally the positive.

I believe Colts fans need to start a rumor campaign against Joe Burrow. If we can start a rumor that’s bad enough, there’s always a chance he drops to up in the 2020 draft. If not, the 2020 season may not look much better.