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Jacoby Brissett Stat Tracker: Week 15

New and Improved! Now with even more chart goodness!

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Weekly dashboard of QB stats. Thanks to the nflscrapR project and the NFL Next Gen Stats who are the timely sources of this data. Shout-out to Arrowhead Pride’s Ethan Douglas whose weekly advanced analytics articles inspired some of these reports (OK, I stole them). Commentary will be brief but feel free to let me know in the comments that stats aren’t everything.

(click charts for larger view)


Many people will correctly call this Jacoby Brissett’s worst game of the year, but not many people will realize that he had similarly bad games in the span where the team went 5-2.

Look at week 5 in the above tables. Here is a side by side comparison:

Week 5 vs Wk 15

Metric Wk 5 value Wk 5 rank Wk 15 value Wk 15 rank
Metric Wk 5 value Wk 5 rank Wk 15 value Wk 15 rank
EPA/db -0.156 24 -0.168 27
wPSR 41.5% 18 36.2% 26
NY/db 5.2 22 4.6 30
1st% 25.8% 22 25.0% 26

Week 15 is worse, but not by much. If you recall, week 5 was the win against the Chiefs and as much as people wanted to pump Brissett up for that game, he wasn’t very good. “Good enough to win” was the mantra then. Does that still apply?

People need to stop with the excuses of injury or personnel or coaching or dogs eating the homework. Outside of 2 games this year, he just hasn’t been that good. Nothing’s really changed in terms of his efficiency. He’s an average to below average QB.

Not to re-hash the point, but here are all the dropbacks in week 15. A lot more red than green.


This week, Hilton had the most targets but Pascal had the most reception yards . . . almost 50!

I know a lot of people were cheering when Ebron elected to go on IR, but Doyle is having trouble filling those shoes. Since Ebron left, Doyle has been running longer routes and not being nearly as productive.

TE Comparison

Metric Ebron Doyle wk 1 - 12 Doyle wk 13 - 15
Metric Ebron Doyle wk 1 - 12 Doyle wk 13 - 15
aDOT 9.3 5.3 9.0
catch rate 63.2% 70.6% 45.5%
yds / tgt 8.0 7.0 5.5
EPA/tgt 0.34 0.31 -0.14


For the last 6 weeks Brissett’s depth of targets have been around NFL average length, so he has been stretching the field a lot more than the first 5-6 games. When accounting for depth of target his production is almost exactly the NFL average.


No short throws over the middle this week.

Not very good anywhere this week.

On the season, his value has been limited to passes < 10 yards.


This is the second week in a row that is accuracy has been poor.