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Jacoby Brissett Stat Tracker: Week 13

New and Improved! Now with new chart goodness!

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Indianapolis Colts Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Weekly dashboard of QB stats. Thanks to the nflscrapR project and the NFL Next Gen Stats who are the timely sources of this data. Shout-out to Arrowhead Pride’s Ethan Douglas whose weekly advanced analytics articles inspired some of these reports (OK, I stole them). Commentary will be brief but feel free to let me know in the comments that stats aren’t everything.

(click charts for larger view)


Losses, like wins, can blind fans to the underlying performance. Jacoby Brissett had two god-awful picks today, but outside of that he wasn’t bad. His yardage efficiency was good and that has been his biggest problem.


Week 13 was the Jack Doyle and Zach Pascal show. Since T.Y. Hilton has been on the sidelines, Pascal has become the leading receiver on the season.

RBs and TEs normally have shorter aDOTs, so this all looks fairly normal, but Doyle will probably stretch his numbers in the weeks to come.


There’s nothing wrong with average length.

A 21 yard TD boosted Brissett’s TD range a bit, but on the season he is almost dead last.


New graphs!

This week’s depth of target broken out by location with a comparison to league averages.

NFL Next Gen Stats creates the next chart using passer rating, which I don’t like, so I am using Adjusted Yards per Attempt instead. It’s a better measure.

This shows that on the season, Brissett has been good with passes within 10 yards but average to poor past that. It also shows that he doesn’t throw past 10 yards a lot.


Accuracy hasn’t been much of a problem. At least not within 10 yards.


Still holding the ball a loooong time.