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Colts Stock Report: Week 16

Carolina Panthers v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts went into Sunday’s game on the back of a badly humiliating loss, having been beaten by the New Orleans Saints on national television. The Colts came up against a strong team this week in the Carolina Panthers who were starting a rookie QB and were on a 7 game losing streak. There were some strong showings during the 38-6 loss, and a few poor ones, as well.

Stock Up:

Nyheim Hines was lighting in a bottle on Sunday. He lit up Lucas Oil Stadium by himself. Hines returned not one but TWO punt returns for touchdowns and looked like he was impossible to stop with the ball in his hands.

The Colts have lacked a truly exciting returner for a long long time and Hines has shown he is exactly that. Hines will be the Colts returner going forward even if Chester Rogers is re-signed, Hines is just too electric not to have back there.

Marlon Mack was what he has been all season for the Colts in Sunday and that was dependable and dominant. He ran for 95 yards in 16 carries and a touchdown, his vision, acceleration and pure running ability was on show again on Sunday, Mack has been incredible all season long.

The biggest accomplishment Mack managed on Sunday was he was able to add to his yards total for the year and amassed 1,000 yards for the year which was the first time a Colts running back had done so since Frank Gore in 2016.

Pierre Desir looked to be finally healthy and had shaken off his season long injury struggle. Desir was dominant in coverage managing to only allow 3 catches for 18 yards on 10 targets, forced 3 pass break ups and also snagged two interceptions.

After a fairly shaky season, mainly due to injuries, Desir finally looked healthy and back to his top form which landed him a new contract in the last offseason.

Stock Down:

Jacoby Brissett seems to pop on on the Colts stock report most weeks and lately it hasn’t been positive. This week again it’s not looking great, even though the Colts won 38-6 the passing offense was poor. Takeaway Nyheim Hines two punt returns, Marlon Mack and Jordan Wilkins rushing touchdowns and lol you have left is 10 points and the other touchdown scored on the day was a QB sneak by Brissett.

Brissett ended the day with a stat line of 14 of 27 for 119 yards and no touchdowns against one of the bottom half of the leagues pass defendes, it’s just not good enough. Sunday’s score will likely mask Brissett’s continued struggle because the Colts won and by a big margin but when you isolate the passing offense it was a putrid showing. The Colts tip receiver on the day managed 26 yards......just not good enough!

Speaking of the Colts Wide Receivers, they really didn’t help Brissett at all because when he did managed to try to make a play through the air the were a few drops. The Colts top three wide receivers on the day managed 5 catches between them for 50 yards. The failings for the passing offense on Sunday were a mixture of bad quarterback play and a case of the dropsies.