Colts Offseason

Colts offseason 2020

It’s a bit early to be writing this, but all we are playing for at this point is next year and beyond. I’ll plan to update this periodically, but like every year, this is a crucial year for the Colts to keep the momentum going in adding talent and regain the momentum toward being a perennial contender in the AFC and take back the division crown.

Coaching changes

Yes, this is an easy one but I would certainly start by getting rid of Bubba Ventrone. Maybe he is a solid coach but his unit has been way too bad to warrant him sticking around in 2020. If it was only our 46 year old kicker that would be more on Reich/Ballard, but the unit has been terrible all around. I don’t see Eberflus or Sirianni going anywhere. Position coaches? Who knows.

Key people to cut or simply walk

Cutting Hoyer only nets us 1 million. It’s well worth it based on what we have seen from him and our need at QB. Cutting Hunt will save us 4 million and we should do it. I would keep Quincy Wilson due to ability and youth but the coaching staff knows something we don’t know… I assume he is gone for minimal cap savings. Desir is owed nearly 7 mil with no dead money but his 2 picks last week remind us of how solid he can be. Call this year a bad one due to health, and we are not desperate for the savings.

For players to let walk, we should begin with Ebron. Let’s hope he gets a nice contract so we can get a compensatory pick. Vinateri goes obviously. I’m open to Funchess but I assume both parties might want a fresh start. Thank you Clayton Geathers and Chester Rogers, but your services will no longer be needed. Sheard is about the hardest one for me to decide on, but his severe lack of success in getting to the QB is too hard to overlook. I’d let him walk unless he comes back for 2 years and 10 mil or something close to that.

Current Colts to re-sign

Players to re-sign include Castonzo. He is still a top half of the league LT and we don’t need another hole to fill. The highest paid LT in the league (Taylor Lewan) is pulling in 16 mil per year. I’m hoping 3 years and 39 mil do it for a very solid vet. No other big contracts for Colts free agents but I would bring back McLaughlin, either Ross Travis or Alie-Cox to compete for our 3rd TE and Pascal as hopefully a #4 or 5 WR. I’m assuming none of these guys will break the bank. There are probably others, but I’m not considering the bottom of the barrel guys.

Veterans via free agency and trades

Let me start by listing our biggest needs, somewhat in order: QB, WR, DT, TE, Edge, CB, S, RG. With that in mind, I would tackle QB in free agency and the draft. I don’t want to spend a 1st rounder because we have to, but only if the right guy falls to us. I would give up our 4th rounder for Rosen if Ballard and company see anything in him. Give him a few years to develop and compete with a draft pick (more on that later).

At WR, we need a splash and Amari Cooper might be there. Let me just say no way. Very talented but the man disappears more than Houdini and has injury concerns. Not to mention the Cowboys entertained $16 mil annually for the man and he reportedly balked at that. Hard pass unless he wants to join for a reasonable contract (hard to imagine given our QB situation). I don’t want AJ Green either… someone younger and healthier please. The FA class is week at WR but thankfully the draft class is strong. If Robby Anderson becomes a FA, I would take a long look at him and would be willing to go 4 and 48. Gase has a history of players underachieving with him only to blow up elsewhere.

Ok, speaking of the Jet’s, I would trade for Bell. I know, he has a big contract and was bad last year. But I’m guessing a 5th rounder does it since he doesn’t fit the Jet’s system (or b/c Gase is terrible) and the Jet’s want to dump his salary off. They would have to cover some of his guaranteed money and we flat out need playmakers. Add Bell to a playoff contender with a great Oline and I think he will shine next to Mack. Best RB duo in the league.

For the right side of the line, we have a keeper in Braden Smith. However his best position might be RG. I would sign Scherf at RG and keep Smith at RT or Conklin at RT and move Smith to RG if either of those guys are available… but I’m not counting on either.

I would gladly sign Hooper at TE if he is there, but I doubt he is. Eifert or Hunter Henry could be, but they are too injury prone. We need a 1A at TE… I would look to the draft. On the Dline, I would grab Maleik Collins if available. Only 24 with 4 sacks this year. Still need a stud but he is an upgrade over Hunt. If by some miracle the Jags let Yannick Ngakoue walk, Irsay should make him a wealthy man. But it seems like a stretch to think that will happen and Ballard likes to build at DE through the draft.

Bottom line in Free Agency

I would look to trade for Rosen and Bell, sign Robby Anderson, Maleik Collins and hopefully make a splash on the Oline or with Ngakoue if by some miracle he is available.

The Draft

I’m assuming we are not trading up to get a QB. I only see us getting someone like Love if they fall to our 2nd round pick. In this Mock, I’m not counting on either of those things happen:

1st Round- Javon Kinlaw, DL 2nd Round- Devonta Smith, WR 2nd Round- Brycen Hopkins, TE 3rd Round- Anthony Gordon, QB Traded 4th and 5th Round 6th and 7th I would target yet another WR and possibly OL.

It's early, and I hope to update this but let me know anything you like or think is way off.

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