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Stampede Blue’s Mock Draft Face-Off: Brian Burns vs Jachai Polite

The countdown to the NFL Draft begins!

2019 NFL Draft
Who will the Indianapolis Colts be drafting to help make a Super Bowl run?
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

In this series we will look at mocking viable and realistic options to the Colts each week and analyzing how each pick fits in Indianapolis.

Welcome to Mock Draft Face Off with Elliot and Stephen! The offseason is officially here and the NFL Draft is arguably the leagues biggest offseason event, so each week we will mock draft picks to the Colts and analyze them. We will be start off with just the first round and build up to include later rounds as we get into free agency and closer to the draft.

Elliot’s Round 1 - Pick 26

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

EDGE Brian Burns - Florida State

The Colts need a pass rusher so why not grab one of the best in the draft. Burns collected 23 sacks in three years at Florida State against top-level talent. He could add some mass to his frame as he weights in the 235 pound range, but his 6 feet 5 inch body will surely be able to handle it. Chris Ballard has been preaching about the importance of shoring up the defensive line and fixing the pass rush. Burns would be an ideal long-term solution to the Colts pass rushing woes.

Reed’s Analysis - Overall, I like the pick. EDGE is arguably the Colts biggest need and is a position Chris Ballard said he’d attack this off-season. Burns is one of the more refined pass rushers in this class with a multitude of pass rush moves to keep tackles guessing. He’s got an explosive first step and fantastic bend around the edge.

As Elliot mentioned, the biggest concern with Burns is his lack of size. He certainly has the frame to bulk up a bit but is that the best idea? This brings the same concerns Colts current MLB Anthony Walker had at Northwestern. Walker excelled based on his speed and ability to make plays. He bulked up to help the team but in doing so lost what was arguably what made him special.

Would the same thing happen to Burns? That’s impossible to say. But even if the Colts didn’t have Burns bulk up, he could be an absolute steal at this point in the draft.

Reed’s Round 1 - Pick 26

Florida v Tennessee Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

EDGE Jachai Polite - Florida

As was mentioned earlier, Chris Ballard has iterated that he intends to address the pass rush this offseason. Polite came on strong in 2018 and showed that he can be a force off the edge. He’s got one of the most explosive first steps and reaches top speed quickly.

He’s not as refined a pass rusher as others in this class but offers a terrific spin move, which might give Colts fans some flashbacks to pass rushers of old. The biggest concern for Polite is his ability to hold up at the point of attack in the running game so it probably won’t hurt for him to add some weight. Polite has been mocked all over round one thus far so who knows where he’ll finally end up. If he does fall, the Colts will be elated to get a player of Polite’s caliber at the end of the first round.

Elliot’s Analysis

Great minds think alike, Stephen. Like my pick, Stephen went with EDGE and I love it. Jachai Polite is one of the top pass rushers in this draft, providing the ability to win in a variety of ways including speed-bend rushing and good technique. Add in his ability to hold up well against the run and he is a well rounded edge prospect.

As Stephen mentioned, Polite doesn't do as well at the point of attack in the run game, but he isn’t a liability by any means. Would added size help or at 6 feet 2 inches tall and already 240 pounds, is he maxed out? Add in the fact that the Colts already have edge rushers on the roster who are good against the run and Polite could develop that side of his game.

My biggest concern for Polite would be his production. He was terrific in his last season at Florida, managing 11 sacks and 19.5 tackles for a loss, but in his two previous years he couldn’t manage 5 total sacks.

Is Polite a one season wonder or just someone who got it all together at the right time?


Who won this week’s Mock Draft Face Off?

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