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Louisiana Tech defensive end Jaylon Ferguson uninvited from NFL Combine

Due to an altercation in a McDonald’s during his freshman year, Ferguson has been uninvited from Indy

Jaylon Ferguson has had his NFL Combine invite rescinded after an off-field issue seemed to surface where Ferguson was convicted of battery during his freshman year at Louisiana Tech. According to league rules, a violation like this is enough to make a player ineligible to participate in Combine activities.

This is a blow to Ferguson’s draft stock, not so much as in that it may drop, but more in the fact that he’s running out of chances to prove he is a first round caliber talent. As the FBS all-time sack leader, the 6-foot-5 defensive end was beginning to cause some waves around the league and his name was starting to pick up traction.

However, his small-school designation had held him back a bit to this point.

His athletic abilities would certainly have allowed him to excel at the Combine, and since he wasn’t able to make much noise in the Senior Bowl against better competition, Indy seemed like the last place for him to make a major push to get into the first round.

Instead, he will find himself watching the combine from home. Apparently, most teams already seem to know about the incident, but the NFL found out about it during routine background checks made in preparation for the Combine.

Overall, I don’t think this will greatly impact Ferguson’s stock as very little came out of the allegations and he was relatively young when they occurred. He just won’t be able to display his talents and Combine interviews are a great place to explain incidents like these.