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Colts Prospect Interviews: Arkansas State Defensive End Ronheen Bingham

Arkansas State v Georgia Southern Photo by Chris Thelen/Getty Images

Our next prospect interview is with Arkansas State Defensive End Ronheen Bingham. Bingham is a 6’2” 242 pound defensive end who is insanely fast and twitchy.

2018 Stats: 18.5 tackles for a loss, 62 pressure, and 9 sacks.

Bingham interviewed exclusively with Stampede Blue to talk about committing to JUCO out of high school, his unfortunate knee injury, and his best position in the NFL.

ZH: So you chose Hutchinson Community College out of high school. Why did you decide to go that route and how was that experience for you?

RB: So I chose to go to Hutchinson Community College because coming out of high school, I wasn’t eligible to qualify straight out so I had to go the JUCO route. It was a great experience, it made me work harder in the classroom and I met some great guys like Alvin Kamara. I was just able to be around some great people and they showed me a different type of way to grind and take my workouts to the next level as well.

ZH: After Hutchinson, you went to Arkansas State. Why’d you choose them over other schools that were recruiting you?

RB: I felt like with Arkansas State, you know Coach Early, the tradition they have at defensive end and having a two time player of the year in Ja’Von Rolland-Jones and Chris Odom are those type of guys who made me feel like it was a tradition man to be a part of the dline there.

ZH: After a very productive Senior season, you were named Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year. What did it mean to you to receive that honor?

RB: It felt great man. It felt like all the work I put in during the summer and spring, just all the extra work that I put in that nobody saw, it just felt like it all paid off. It showed me even more that if I continue to attack everything that way that I do, the prize is worth it.

ZH: Unfortunately after this stellar season you put together, you suffered a season ending knee injury in your Bowl game. How is the rehab going with that?

RB: The rehab has been going great. I’ve been busy man with a little bit of squats with no weight, I’ve been doing step overs, leg press, massage therapy... Just treating it to make sure it is up. Even though I won’t be able to do my Pro Day, I will still be able to be out there walking around and let them see the position that I’ve been doing and that I’ll be making a full recover soon.

ZH: Speed is the number one thing I notice when turning on your tape. Did you always play defensive end or do you have some other positional background because your speed is just uncanny man.

RB: (Laughs) I played defensive end but my coaches have seen the speed and they understood when I was in JUCO that I was a fast and twitchy guy. So they played me at some off linebacker and allowed me to cover the running backs. Most guys who play defensive end can’t really cover like that so that is a good spot to be in. I feel as though I can switch from DE to linebacker as well.

ZH: On your tape I also noticed that your coaches had you stunting and twisting a lot. Do you feel comfortable doing that?

RB: Yeah definitely, a lot of teams they try to do everything in their power to stop me. One game, against Texas State, they had like three offensive players on me trying to blindside me so my coach made it his duty to free me up and put me in the best position. I love to stunt.

ZH: What is your go-to pass rush move?

RB: Hmmmmm... I’d say my go-to move is probably the speed-power.

ZH: Do you see yourself as more of a traditional defensive end or more of a hybrid SAM player, similar to a guy like say Anthony Barr in the NFL?

RB: Since I can cover, the NFL is gonna want to make me get some work at linebacker as well but I feel like I am a true pass rusher. I can get to the passer on third downs and if you need a sack or anything, I feel like I can be disruptive and get there.

ZH: What would you say is your best trait going into the NFL?

RB: I feel like my best trait is being coachable. I feel like anything that my coaches ask of me, I would make sure that I’d do my best to execute the gameplan. I’ve been able to do that on gameday and do it at a high level when they coach me up.

ZH: These next few are going to be some fun questions before we wrap it up. Who in the NFL do you compare yourself most to?

RB: I would say that I compare my game most to Von Miller (laughs).

ZH: If you could learn from one legendary defensive end, who would it be?

RB: Oh Julius Peppers for sure!

ZH: Which NFL QB do you want to sack most?

RB: Tom Brady! (Laughs)

ZH: Everyone I ask that to says the same thing. Final question man, why should my team draft Ronheen Bingham in this upcoming draft?

RB: I’m a hard working guy. I just put my head down and attack everything that is in front of me. Any adversity that has been in my way, whether it is this right here (likely referring to his knee injury), I always continued to work. I’m going to be very disruptive and when I’m at 100%, it’s something that everyone will want to see.