This is where Ballard earns his money.

AI Like most, I have also been disappointed in the lack of high profile signings this week. I thought we were a sure thing for a couple of tier-1 free agents....but then Oprah showed up with $85 million contracts for seemingly everyone. There is no way Dee Ford and Landon Collins is worth that kind of money. OBJ is a talented dude but giving up our first, second, and Malik Hooker (for a comparable player)....nope. I would have been happy with the contracts Preston Smith or Adrian Phillips received from GB. But Ballard set upper limits on those and other players and he stuck too it.

That said, this is where Ballard has staked his reputation and legacy. He has done well in signing productive players from the second and third tier free agent group. And I think that he has an opportunity to do that again this season. The following players, in my mind, not only fit Ballard’s MO but also improve our roster.

Timmy Jernigan, DT - He’s solid against the run and is capable of generating inside pressure. He did miss 13 games last season but he’s only 26. He would be a nice addition to the rotation.

Shaquil Barret, OLB - He has been stuck behind Von Miller and Co since entering the league. But he made the most of his limited snaps and has decent pash rush skills while playing the run well. At o

Bryce Callahan, CB - He isn’t a game changer but would be a good fit in our defense and is only 27.

Geronimo Allison, WR - He was tearing it up before a groin injury derailed his season. He’s only 25 and already understands how to get separation.

Peyton Barber, RB - The in thing our backfield lacks is a tough, between the tackles runner to get those short yards. I really like Mack but don’t want to see him slam into the LoS on short yardage situations. Barber, 26, would be a useful short yardage back with some upside.

Adrian Phillips, SS - At 27, he’s coming off his first pro bowl performance. He’s a solid tackler and would make a nice addition to the safety group. He would be an upgrade to Geathers.

There are definitely options on the table.

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