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The Stable: How To Feel About Free Agency

The Stable is a new Podcast brought to you by Joe Simeone. This podcast focuses less on the X’s and O’s and more on the reactions to games and actions of the Colts organization.

Every year the week before free agency people begin to make their wishlist. They want every 5 star player to come join the Colts and at discounted prices. This year the big names were Trey Flowers, Landon Collins and Le’Veon Bell. Although Ballard has preached that he does not like free agency, our 100 million dollars of cap space was too enticing not to dream about.

As you might expect, like normal the Colts did not go out and make the splashy signings. Instead they remained as quiet as a mouse making only some re-signings and bringing in Devin Funchess from the Carolina Panthers. Funchess could not feel any more like a Chris Ballard signing.

The 6’4” wide receiver looks to add an element that the Colts have been searching for over the last 8 years. He adds length and size to help spread the field from the speedy T.Y. Hilton. We saw what someone with size and athletic ability could do in Eric Ebron last year and Ballard has gone out and added another big body to help this offense. I would not be surprised to see Funchess explode onto the scene and have a career year with the Colts.

Desir, Hunt, Glow, all familiar names to Colts fans and all back with the Colts. You could feel the excitement from the team as their old teammates return for another year. The locker room here in Indy is something to be excited about and something to be proud of. Ballard has done a good job at bringing in players he feels want to win and will fit the locker room. Ballard has a plan and he is sticking to it which is something that I believe goes under the radar. Ballard is not going for the splashy signings instead he is busy building a winner and a monster to fear here in Indy.

George Bremmer of the Herald Bulletin joins me to discuss the Colts free agency strategy and what the impact of our signings has on our team and the coaching staff. Enjoy another episode of ‘The Stable’

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