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Andrew Luck busts a move in new BODYARMOR commercial

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

On the heels of signing the largest contract in North American sports history, LA Angels star Mike Trout is starring opposite Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck in BODYARMOR’s newest commercial – “Disco Battle”. With Kobe Bryant as Creative Director, BODYARMOR’s new spot shows Trout and Luck in a way you’ve never seen them before – busting a move on the dance floor. The commercial pokes fun at outdated decisions you should never make, saying you wouldn’t dance in a disco battle anymore so why drink an outdated sports drink.

This campaign is the third installment in BODYARMOR’s “Thanks” series, and following the announcement of their partnership with NCAA, overtaking Gatorade as the official sports drink of the NCAA Tournament. With Kobe as one of the brand’s top shareholders, this is just the start of BODYARMOR’S continued exponential growth ahead.

Colts fans get an early look at their starting QB enjoying the lighter side of the off-season in this new commercial. The kid’s got some moves.