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April Fool’s: Andrew Luck loses disco dance-off, gets married in Prague

NFL: NFL Honors-Red Carpet Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

On Wednesday, March 27th, Stampede Blue helped BODYARMOR launch its new ad campaign, featuring Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Los Angeles Angels center fielder Mike Trout. At the time, we were all convinced that the new ad was nothing more than a quirky way to sell a sports drink.

What we didn’t realize is that Mike Trout and Andrew Luck were actually competing and that Trout was declared the winner on set. As the winner he was able to choose Luck’s fate and shocked the world when he challenged him to marry his long-time girlfriend Nicole Pechanec. True to form, Luck popped the question and scheduled an impromptu wedding getaway in Prague.

For those who don’t already know, Pechanec’s parents are Czech. She moved to Czechoslovakia at age 15 to train with its national team, prior to representing the country in the World Games and European Championships. This is all before she returned to the states to attend college at Stanford.

If you’re going to propose an impromptu wedding, you better do it close to your new brides parents.

Congratulations Andrew and Nicole!