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Colts Cast: Analyzing Colts 2019 schedule reveal; Colts go bold in SB Nation mock draft

If there was a draft in which the Indianapolis Colts were to really need another successful pull, this is it. The Colts sit at No. 26 -- at the moment -- and while they may not be in line for a top-10 talent, there is certainly some great options at the bottom of the first round.

Today, we’ll take a look at the SB Nation mock draft which incorporates a representative from each of the NFL sites tasked with making their team’s selection. Our own Brett Mock takes his shot on the talent that he feels best fits the Colts’ needs for the long-term, as well as a talent-focused approach in hopes of making the team’s first pick shine going forward.

We’ll look at each pick leading up to Brett’s decision, then analyze the pick from both an optimistic and pessimistic aspect.

Additionally, the Colts’ 2019 schedule was revealed Wednesday night. We knew their opponents, but how those teams fall on their schedule, the team’s bye week, home and road games, and how the time slots fall will all be critical to the Colts’ success in the upcoming season.

This could be a very interesting year with Frank Reich attempting to bypass any sophomore slump with his gameplanning, the roster dodging any serious injuries, meshing new additions with veterans and getting the most out of their youth as they did in 2018.

We’ve got a lot to discuss, and the opinions are sure to lay at both ends of the spectrum for both of our main topics for today’s show.

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