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Roster Move: Colts claim Derrick Kindred from Browns

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are in year 30 of their current rebuild and it finally looks like they’re getting somewhere. In his second year as GM John Dorsey has made several moves this off season to continue to build the roster in his image and he furthered that effort yesterday by releasing safety Derrick Kindred. A day later our Colts have claimed the young defender.

A fourth round pick in the 2016 draft out of TCU, Kindred was known as a physical, downhill safety willing to land a big hit on anyone nearby. As things have gone for the majority of Cleveland Browns draftees for the past few decades, Kindred’s career never took off the way he had probably hoped. He has started 17 games in three seasons but only one game in 2018.

Kindred is a 25 year old, physical safety on the last year of his inexpensive rookie contract. He has started 17 games and while he hasn’t found the kind of success that would excite most Colts fans in his three years he has had two head coaches, two defensive coordinators and two general managers. If a stable franchise believes his skill set might fit what they want at the position, Kindred is as good of a low risk, high reward option as you can hope to find.

Watch out tomorrow as Zach Hicks plans to breakdown film of Derrick Kindred’s game and give us an idea of how he might fit in with the 2019 Indianapolis Colts.