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Andrew Aziz’s First and Only Mock Draft (1 Round w/ Trades)

NFL: 2017 NFL Draft Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

1st Overall Pick — Arizona Cardinals
Nick Bosa — Defensive End — Ohio State

Josh Rosen is better than Kyler Murray and will have a better career than he will. Feel free to screenshot this and send it to me if Kyler Murray becomes a Hall of Famer. The smart move is to take a pass rusher who can break 10 sacks as a rookie and be a perennial All-Pro. Bosa is a bull and is the best player in this draft with Quinnen Williams. Please don’t screw this up, Arizona.

2nd Overall Pick — San Francisco 49ers
Quinnen Williams — Defensive Tackle — Alabama

If Nick Bosa is 1A in this draft, then Quinnen Williams is 1B. He can play anywhere on the defensive line and dominate as a pass rusher or run stopper. This is the guy the 49ers need to transform their defense into a legitimate one.

3rd Overall Pick — Washington Redskins (from New York Jets)
Dwayne Haskins — Quarterback — Ohio State

Trade: Redskins trade their 2019 1st and 2nd round picks + 2020 first round pick for the 3rd overall pick from the Jets

Haskins is the top quarterback in this year’s draft and the Redskins won’t miss the opportunity to grab him to be their starter, especially if Dan Snyder is “running the first round of the draft for the Redskins”.

4th Overall Pick — Oakland Raiders
Ed Oliver — Defensive Tackle — Houston

Oliver went from being a potential number 1 pick to being a top 4 player that no one talks about. He is still the same stud we saw all season and there aren’t many reasons why he shouldn’t be a top 5 pick. The Raiders need someone like him badly.

5th Overall Pick — Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Josh Allen — Defensive End — Kentucky

The Bucs defense hasn’t been good in many years, and in order for them to return to relevancy, they’ll need to develop a strong pass rush. Josh Allen is an athletic pass rusher with very good production. He is someone who can have an impact immediately in the NFL.

6th Overall Pick — New York Giants
Kyler Murray — Quarterback — Oklahoma

Kyler Murray isn’t worth a first round pick in my opinion, but I’d be dumb to say he won’t go very early in the draft. He’s an exciting prospect and will help generate some buzz for a franchise. If developed properly (which includes improving his decision making and his lower body mechanics), he could be a good quarterback of the future for the Giants.

7th Overall Pick — Jacksonville Jaguars
Jonah Williams — Offensive Tackle — Alabama

Williams is the best offensive tackle and offensive lineman in this year’s draft class. He can start immediately and should be a Pro Bowl player within 2 to 3 seasons. The Jags spent big money on BDN, so they’ll need to protect him and his assets.

8th Overall Pick — Detroit Lions
TJ Hockenson — Tight End — Iowa

Hockenson has huge potential as a tight end and the Lions seem to always pay top dollar and use a lot of draft capital to make Matthew Stafford happy. Hockenson has the potential to be a superstar tight end early on in his career.

9th Overall Pick — Buffalo Bills
Devin White — Linebacker — LSU

Doesn’t it just seem like Bills are just going to stockpile defensive players and leave their offense in the dark? Well that’s what I think will happen and Devin White is a perfect fit for that defense and should make an immediate impact next to Matt Milano and Edmunds.

10th Overall Pick — Denver Broncos
Noah Fant — Tight End — Iowa

If the Broncos are all in on Joe Flacco, then drafting a tight end in the first round for the next 4 years is a must. That starts this year with Noah Fant, who is extremely talented and worth this pick. He should be a great complementary receiver to Emmanuel Sanders and have a good impact in the running game as a blocker.

11th Overall Pick — Cincinnati Bengals
Clelin Ferrell — Defensive End — Clemson

The Bengals need more help up front, since Geno Atkins is slowing down, so Ferrell seems like a good pick here. With Mike Brown in charge though, they’ll find a way to screw it up.

12th Overall Pick — Green Bay Packers
Devin Bush — Linebacker — Michigan

The Packers should help out Aaron Rodgers, but they won’t. Adding a linebacker isn’t the worst thing in the world and the Packers have taken major steps this offseason to improve their front seven, so I believe this trend will continue for them in the draft.

13th Overall Pick — Miami Dolphins
Jawaan Taylor — Offensive Tackle — Florida

The Dolphins have a good left tackle in Laremy Tunsil, but they have a pole at right tackle. They’ll need to upgrade their offensive line in general and going outside-in is usually the best approach. Taylor, an athletic in-state offensive tackle, should serve as a good right tackle early on.

14th Overall Pick — Atlanta Falcons
Christian Wilkins — Defensive Tackle — Clemson

The Clemson boys, Wilkins and Jarrett, next to each other makes too much sense, so it probably won’t happen. Still, this seems like a perfect fit.

15th Overall Pick — New York Jets (from Washington Redskins)
Brian Burns — Edge Rusher — Florida State

An athletic pass rusher with sky high potential? The Jets need a pass rusher badly and Burns could be a very good pass rusher in a year or two for the Jets. The Jets defense is set at many positions, but they still need a strong every-down pass rusher.

16th Overall Pick — Carolina Panthers
Garrett Bradbury — Interior Offensive Lineman — NC State

Protecting Cam Newton is an absolute must and in recent years they’ve drafted more help for him up front. Signing Matt Paradis is a good start, but they need someone to play to his left. Bradbury is a stud and should be an All-Pro within 5 years. Don’t mess this one up, Carolina.

17th Overall Pick — New York Giants
Marquise “Hollywood” Brown — Wide Receiver — Oklahoma

The Giants need a receiver and they need a homerun threat. Brown might not be the best receiver in this draft but he might be the best homerun hitter.

18th Overall Pick — Seattle Seahawks (from Minnesota Vikings)
Montez Sweat — Defensive End — Mississippi State

Trade: Seahawks trade the 21st overall pick (2019) + 2019 3rd round pick for the Vikings’ 18th overall pick

The Seahawks like trading up and this makes sense for them since they lost Frank Clark.

19th Overall Pick — Tennessee Titans
Chris Lindstrom — Offensive Guard — Boston College

If Mike Vrabel wants to a build a team from the 1970s, then he’s going to need a powerful guard who can win in a phone booth. Lindstrom is that guy and would start right away as their right guard.

20th Overall Pick — Pittsburgh Steelers
Byron Murphy — Cornerback — Washington

I feel bad for teasing Steelers fans with the right pick because they’re probably going to take a linebacker or pass rusher with a 2nd or 3rd round consensus grade on them. Murphy should be an early contributor on that defense. Their secondary is weak and they need to fix it up in order to be a playoff contender again.

21st Overall Pick — Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle Seahawks)
Dalton Risner — Offensive Tackle/Guard — Kansas State

The Vikings need a lot of help on their offensive line. Risner is a beast and could help any team right away. The Vikings paid big money for Kirk Cousins, so they need to protect him. Risner is one of my favourite players in this year’s draft.

22nd Overall Pick — Philadelphia Eagles (from Baltimore Ravens)
Cody Ford — Offensive Guard — Oklahoma

Trade: Eagles trade their 25th overall pick + their 2019 3rd round pick for the 22nd overall pick from the Ravens

The offensive line has always been a major emphasis in Philadelphia and they like going after zone-scheme guys. Ford fits their scheme well and should start right away at left guard.

23rd Overall Pick — Houston Texans
Josh Jacobs — Running Back — Alabama

While all the signs point to the Texans drafting an offensive lineman (as they should), they’ll probably draft a skill player. It also doesn’t help that all the top offensive linemen are off the board. Jacobs’ ceiling is sky high and could supplant Lamar Miller as a starter early in the season.

24th Overall Pick — Oakland Raiders
Deandre Baker — Cornerback — Georgia

The Raiders run on defense should continue. The Raiders could use some secondary help and Baker is one of the top cornerbacks in this year’s draft. I’m not sold on Nick Nelson as a starter, so Baker should be brought him to challenge or replace him.

25th Overall Pick — Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia Eagles)
N’Keal Harry — Wide Receiver — Arizona State

Harry has star written all over him, so it’s too bad it’ll go to waste in Baltimore with a team that throws the ball 15 times a game. Nevertheless, they need some receivers to help Lamar Jackson in the passing game.

26th Overall Pick — Indianapolis Colts
AJ Brown — Wide Receiver — Ole Miss

This is my dream pick... let me live. Brown has top 15 NFL receiver written all over him and should become a star in Frank Reich’s system with Andrew Luck. The Colts do need a receiver badly so this also makes sense in many ways. Go ahead... fight me.

27th Overall Pick — Oakland Raiders
Rashan Gary — Defensive End — Michigan

Gary might be the most overrated player in the draft, which means that a team with 3 first round picks can afford to take a flier pick on him. Gary might end up being a beast, but he’s more of a project than people think and it might take him a couple of seasons before he has a serious impact in the league.

28th Overall Pick — LA Chargers
Drew Lock — Quarterback — Missouri

Unless Phil plays long enough so that one of his 47 kids succeeds him, the Chargers will need a quarterback of the future. Lock has a great arm and has performed extremely well at Missouri over the last couple of seasons. Sitting behind Rivers for a few seasons will do wonders and the Chargers will have themselves a similar situation when Rivers was drafted in the league to replace Drew Brees.

29th Overall Pick — Seattle Seahawks
Jonathan Abram — Safety — Mississippi State

The Seahawks lost the Legion of Boom so they’ll need to start rebuilding that defense. They have Bobby Wagner to build around, so they better start rebuilding now before his good years are behind him.

30th Overall Pick — Green Bay Packers
Jeffery Simmons — Defensive Tackle — Mississippi State

The Packers again will piss off Aaron Rodgers and get themselves a stud up front. Simmons should be one of the top player on the board for most teams and if the Packers go BPA, this pick makes a lot of sense for them. Simmons and the Packers makes a lot of sense.

31st Overall Pick — Miami Dolphins (from LA Rams)
Daniel Jones — Quarterback — Duke

Trade: Dolphins trade their 2019 2nd round pick, 2019 3rd round pick and their 2020 2nd round pick for the Rams’ 31st overall pick

Jones shouldn’t be a first round pick, but you just know he’s going to be taken on Thursday night. With 4 quarterbacks in the 1st round conversation, it’s likely that one of them ends up sliding. With Jones being the weakest of the four and having the least amount of hype, odds are that it’s him who slides. When this pick comes around, the Dolphins will probably jump at the chance to have a potential starter of the future and they won’t have to give up too much to get him. This would be a good landing spot for Jones and sitting behind Fitzpatrick for a year would be a good idea.

32nd Overall Pick — New England Patriots
Irv Smith Jr. — Tight End — Alabama

Since Belichick and Saban are in cahoots, doesn’t it just seem like the Pats are going to take an Alabama player. Irv Smith Jr. makes a lot of sense since the Patriots desperately need a tight end to replace Gronkowski and Smith’s athleticism and receiving ability should make him an instant starter on a weak unit.