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Colts reportedly considering signing troubled quarterback Chad Kelly

Oakland Raiders v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

As the 2019 NFL Draft is in the books, the post-draft signings are always even more interesting than the last couple rounds of the draft itself each year. The Indianapolis Colts worked heavy on their defense drafting 10 total players, and 7 of those coming on the defensive side of the ball.

Naturally, it would make sense to work on the other side of the ball as they look to bring in UDFAs to fill out the initial roster. One of those possible signings is not disappointing. Well, it actually would be in this case.

Troubled former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly is reportedly being considered by the Colts. Everyone remembers the incident with him running on the field during his brother’s game to assist in a fight that broke out. Kelly was arrested for criminal trespass in 2018 after showing up at a couple’s home, full of liquor and mumbling incoherently after Von Miller’s halloween party.

Kelly reportedly was hit by the home owner with a vacuum cleaner hose as well in the incident. Kelly, for what it’s worth, was also suspended from his high school team in his freshman and sophomore years at some points.

Kelly was later released by the Denver Broncos and this seems like a poor decision by the Colts should they decide to even offer him an invite. Kelly did progress on the field in the eyes of the Broncos in terms of his on-field performances in practice, but this still doesn’t seem worth it.

Even if the he were to get better yet, and the Colts eventually let go — in one way or another — of Jacoby Brissett, Kelly is NEVER going to be the guy just as a result of his major character issues. What’s the point then?